Methodist College Staff Member Authors Children's Book

Methodist College Director of The Center for Student Success, Tricia Fox, is a published author. Fox recently published a children’s book titled The Tiny Tree. The book is a story of a tree that must learn about life and its inevitable struggle and joys. According to Fox, the book “reminds readers of the importance of your foundation and to sway with change.”

Children of all ages can relate to the book, following the tiny tree as he grows up. The surrounding trees provide wisdom and kindness to get the tiny tree through the storms. Much like children, the tiny tree grows stronger and braver, and before one realizes the tiny tree is no longer tiny. The book provides detailed illustrations that help children follow along as the story is read. For the more advanced readers, the book provides a relatable story to growing up. 

The book is written under the name T.C. Nicole, a nickname given to Fox by her by nieces and nephews. She has always wanted to write a book. Through her daughter’s encouragement she wrote The Tiny Tree.  The inspiration for the story came from Fox's own neighborhood. She lives on a very old street, with large mature trees, where a tree that died had to be cut down. Her family planted a new tree but it looked out of place with the other more established trees. Fox likes stories that are analogies, and The Tiny Tree is an analogy about growing up. The lyrical repetition of the book will make the message stick with the young readers. 

The Tiny Tree is available for purchase at local book stores, such as The Book Nook, and online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Fox has already written a screenplay and is working on a young adult novel.