Behavioral Healthcare Concentration - Bachelor of Science in Health Science (BSHS)

The Behavioral Healthcare concentration is one of two programs in the Health Science department at Methodist College where students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Science. 

The Methodist College Behavioral Healthcare concentration was developed in response to the growing need for competent direct service providers.  The program prepares students to work in primary acute care and restorative or rehabilitation facilities. Career opportunities involve crisis stabilization, case management, counseling, psycho-social rehabilitation, health coaching and other services in a variety of community agencies and healthcare institutions.

Professionals employed in behavioral healthcare work with clients individually and in group sessions. They teach clients how to cope with stress and life's problems in ways that help them recover. Furthermore, they help clients rebuild professional relationships and, if necessary, reestablish their career. They also help clients improve their personal relationships with family and friends. Behavioral health counselors may work with psychiatrists, social workers, physicians, and registered nurses to develop treatment plans and coordinate care for patients. Others work with specific populations such as teenagers, veterans, or people with disabilities. Some specialize in crisis intervention: these counselors step in when someone is endangering his or her own life or the lives of others. Other counselors specialize in non-crisis interventions, which encourage a person with addictions or other behavioral health issues to get help. 

What will I learn in the Behavioral Healthcare program?

Care Across the Lifespan

You will learn how to promote the holistic care of patients ranging from adolescents to older adults.

Assessment & Treatment

Your courses will equip you to manage the assessment and treatment of patients in a variety of settings, from initial screenings through professional counseling.

Counseling & Therapy

As a graduate of the Behavioral Healthcare program, you will have the skills to provide foundational counseling to clients in a supervised clinical setting.

Specialty Areas

The Behavioral Health curriculum will provide you with the knowledge to work in an array of specialty areas, such as acute care, rehabilitation, and health coaching.

What's unique about the Behavioral Healthcare program at Methodist College?

The Behavioral Healthcare program at Methodist College is one of the most comprehensive programs in downstate Illinois. It will prepare you to provide holistic care to a diverse array of patients, in a variety of settings, for a range of specialty treatment areas.

Our program also offers a built-in practicum, which allows you to gain valuable field experience before you graduate. Throughout the practicum, you will act as a contributing member of a functional healthcare team, allowing you to transition seamlessly to a career after graduation.

What does a career in Behavioral Healthcare look like?

With a career in Behavioral Healthcare, you will function as an essential member of a holistic healthcare team. You will be equipped with the skills to assist a diverse array of clients throughout their wellness journey- from intake screenings to foundational counseling. As a behavioral health specialist, you can work in a variety of settings such as outpatient clinics, primary care practices, and hospitals.

Career Opportunities*

  • Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors (may require additional advanced degree)
  • Psychiatric Technicians
  • Mental Health Counselors (may require additional advanced degree)
  • Psychiatric Aides
  • Social and Human Service Assistants
  • Mental Health Associate (job title specific to UnityPoint Health)
  • Patient Care Assistant Community Behavioral Health (job title specific to UnityPoint Health)

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For more information about the program, as well as admission requirements, please contact the Methodist College Admissions Office at 309-672-5513.

International students should contact Kyle Bright at or at (309) 672-5513.