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Congratulations on making Methodist College your choice!

Now that you’ve formally accepted your admission to Methodist College, it’s time to sign up to attend New Student Orientation.

Important Information about New Student Orientation:

  • New Student Orientation is MANDATORY.  All new students at Methodist College must attend a session before enrolling in classes.
  • You can attend a morning or afternoon mandatory session.
  • Optional sessions related to your interests are also available.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to attend both the mandatory and the optional sessions to best prepare for their journey at Methodist College.
  • It’s very important to communicate with Methodist College if you have any “in progress” coursework at another college.  Please come prepared to New Student Orientation with an unofficial transcript to confirm your credit with your advisor before you register.
  • If you have questions or concerns about registration or coursework prior to orientation, please contact the Office of Advising at Methodist College at