RN-BSN Admission Requirements

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RN-BSN Program Applicants:

The Methodist College RN to BSN Program allows you to continue your education while you are working. This program is conducted entirely online and enables practicing nurses who have passed the NCLEX exam to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

The Admissions process at Methodist College is based on a holistic review of a prospective student's application materials. Each application is given equal consideration.

In all cases, highest admission priority will be granted to students with the strongest academic records.

In additional to a strong academic background, to be considered for admission to the RN to BSN program, you must submit records showing completion of a diploma or Associate's degree from an accredited nursing program and must currently hold a valid RN license. Once admitted, 23 hours of prerequisites must be transferred in or completed prior to enrolling in core nursing courses. It is highly recommended that these courses be completed at Methodist College.

Twenty-Three (23) Credits from the following required credits must be completed prior to enrolling in core nursing courses.


 6 semester credits in writing

 3 semester credits in oral


 3 semester credits (Statistics is a MC required course)

Life/Physical Sciences:

 8 semester credits, one with a lab

Humanities/Fine Arts:

 9 semester credits (with at least one course from each)

Social and Behavioral Sciences:

 9 semester credits (from at least two disciplines)

In some cases a personal statement, interview, and/or other documentation such as letters of recommendation may be required to complete the application file before an admissions decision can be made.