Methodist College Achieves the Best NCLEX-RN Pass Rates in Central IL

Methodist College Achieves the Best Nursing Licensure Pass Rates in Central Illinois

The efforts and dedication of students, faculty and staff at Methodist College have led the institution into elite status following the latest release of NCLEX pass rate data. 

The National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) is the world’s premier licensure exam and the nationwide examination for the licensing of nurses in the US. 

In the most recent round of NCLEX-RN exam data, Methodist College achieved a 96% pass rate for its baccalaureate students and 100% for its graduate students – both are tops in central Illinois.

“This is a huge point of pride and an indication of the hard work of our entire team,” Kayla Banks, Chancellor of Methodist College, said. “When students come here, they know they can graduate, pass and become a registered nurse to fulfill their professional goals.”

“The students are amazing and the work they put in translates to these pass rates,” Blanca Miller, Methodist College Dean of Nursing, said. “The faculty are wonderful too – I could not ask to work with a better group. Their commitment and dedication to the students is second to none.”

Methodist College uses NCLEX pass rate data as one cornerstone for the enhancement of its curriculum.

Miller works with faculty, nursing leaders and staff to analyze data, make changes and evaluate the needs of the students – utilizing current literature and reviewing coursework and multiple sources of data.

“We also looked at student and faculty feedback. Some of the same methods and products were utilized in different courses, so together we created a new map that targeted which of those were most useful in which setting,” Miller said.

Data from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) shows the average NCLEX pass rate in Illinois is 86.7% - ranked 42nd in the country.

Methodist College has prepared its students to far exceed that average by emphasizing a number of skills and related requirements throughout the curriculum.

“That helps in the clinical setting and as they continue throughout the program,” Miller said. “Once they get an internship, having all of these individual skills really helps them make that transition into a generalist role that will be the next step they take after they graduate.”

Methodist College also prioritizes flexibility for its students, which leaders say plays a big role in their comfort, confidence and academic success.

“We have a range of different options, whether the student wants a second degree or needs to take weekend, night or online classes. We tailor it toward what that student might need,” Jason Garber, Methodist College VP of Enrollment and Student Services, said.

For more than 100 years, Methodist College has provided a supportive learning environment that gives future healthcare administrators, social workers and nurses the tools needed to take on the health challenges of tomorrow.

Leaders say the college is committed to continuing to lead the region in developing local clinical expertise to improve the wellbeing of families and individuals across central Illinois and beyond.

“Our students come from all over – different backgrounds and interests. They are going to get hands-on experience with active learning,” Garber said. “Whether it is in our simulation lab or in a clinical, it is that one-on-one experience that sets them up for success. We meet the student where they are at and guide them to graduation and hopefully a career within Carle Health.”

“These pass rates are what they are due to the right decisions being made based on data. They were faculty and staff driven – we communicate during committee meetings and bring concerns forward. It is all about working to close the gap and best prepare our students.”

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