Congratulate the May 2024 Methodist College Graduates!

Congratulate the May 2024 Methodist College Graduates!

On Saturday, May 18, 2024, Methodist College held a commencement ceremony to celebrate the achievements of our May 2024 graduates. The program included a student address by Jennifer Rodriguez, BSN and an inspirational message from keynote speaker and local artist, Jonathon Romain.  In this semester's ceremony, the following academic programs were represented:

Please join us in congratulating our Spring 2024 Methodist College graduates!

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Presenting the Graduating Class of May 2024

Master of Science in Nursing – Prelicensure

Aisha Ahmed
Logan Brown
Rosette Chirimwami
  Charles Odoka
Kiley Ramer

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

Victoria Szmania

Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Prelicensure

Jamie Agront
Alex Albright
Brittany Amell
Dalton Austin
Lauren Baker
Debra Beaumont
Michelle Beranek
Lily Bessler
Alis Bickell
Ashley Blanchette
ShirlAnn Brown
Alexandria Burgess
Madison Burris
Alicia Clark
Brittany Clouse
Amy Cobb
Hannah Coleman
Gabrielle Conley
Alexis Connour
Kelsie Cook
Kathryn Curry
Jessica Davis
Katlin Doerr
Trisha Draper
Emma Duke
Chloe Easley
Madelyn Feldman
Amira Foster
Tracy Fox
Kibby Gass
Tera Green
Kira Grove
Ariel Grubb
Kathy Guevara
Heather Harvey
Jason Herrick
  Zsane Johnson
Nada Khan
Lisa Koelling
Chloe Lane
Abigayle McAdams
Sophie Meuth
Cristian Miller
Kristen Moodley
Lena Mullins
Alexandra Musser
Eydra Nannie
Jessica Nash
Marie Ngambula
Alison Nieukirk
William Nyberg
Amber Orr
Molly Perry
Lillian Pullen
Jennifer Rodriguez
Andrea Roth
Paige Skrele
Joshua Steveson
Abby Stowe
Kylee Sturgis
Sierra Sunderland
Lyndsey Toland
Lauren Walker
Aliisha Wheat
Leah White
Tiffany Williams
Linda Wood

Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Accelerated Prelicensure

Payne Kapp
Emily Pryde
Juliona Silotto
  Victoria Whitehouse
Madelyn Wilson

Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Second Degree

Helina Amoah
Nicholas Kim
Mandy McMahon
Bertrand Nkfum
Elyse Pratl
Lauren Rockwell
  Lanette Semple
Jewelya Shoulders
Eno Ukpah
Christine Wellman

Bachelor of Science in Nursing - RN to BSN

Eric Nyaberi

Bachelor of Social Work

Shadatra Bush
Charlotte Jennison
Hannah Watson

Medical Assistant Certificate

Courtney Arnold
Amanda Charlet
Kourtney Kobilsek
Shelby Postin

Congratulations to our Methodist College graduates!

We thank the family and friends who have supported our graduates throughout their time at Methodist College.