The Methodist Alumni Association hosted a virtual alumni reunion

Methodist 2020 Alumni Reunion Goes Virtual

The 2020 Methodist Alumni Reunion went virtual this year! The Methodist Alumni Association and Methodist College community would prefer to see alumni in person, but ensuring your health and safety is the top priority. If you haven’t had the opportunity, please watch the 2020 Methodist Alumni Reunion video

The reunion didn’t happen in person but the Methodist College Alumni Office and the Class of 1970 spent time planning for the event. As we started the planning process, we knew an in-person reunion was not going to be a possibility due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we wanted to honor the Class of 1970 on their 50-year achievement. We switched gears and began planning a virtual event. In some ways, the planning process didn’t change. We were still planning to provide the same content in a different format. 

The committee from the 50-year class was much smaller and did not meet as frequently this year. Thank you to Mary Hunsley and Sandra Schepke for leading the 50-year class celebration. As we celebrated their 50 years by reconnecting with classmates, we also shared in great sadness at the loss of a classmate. Barbara Boyd from the Class of 1970 was able to attend the first meeting but sadly passed away in August. We are grateful for the time spent with Barb to plan the reunion and we continue to keep her family and classmates in our thoughts. Since graduation in 1970, the class has lost five additional classmates. Please watch the video for a touching remembrance from the class. 

The 50-year class also wanted to continue the tradition of creating a memory book. The memory book is comprised of favorite memories from the 50-year class and updates about their lives post-graduation. Mary and Sandy share a few of these memories, including the school uniform, in the alumni reunion video. The memory book, a commemorative charm, and a small gift was sent to those 1970 class members who responded to the communications.

In the video, you will also hear an update from Methodist College Chancellor Dr. James Dire. He answers questions about going virtual during the pandemic and the future of Methodist College. The conclusion of the video features Methodist Alumni Association President Shelley Riney ’80, as she shares updates from the Methodist Alumni Association. We also welcome Shelley as Alumni Board President, and thank previous president Abby Ault ’11 for her many years of service to the board. 

We thank all of our alumni for watching the reunion video and continued support of the Methodist Alumni Association. Through your support, the Alumni Association provides programming for alumni and students.

Watch for the next email update from the Methodist Alumni Association announcing the Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award.