Methodist College Staff Receive Annual Recognition Awards

Methodist College Team Members Recognized With Leadership, Teamwork, and Customer Service Awards

Congratulations to Joel Shoemaker, Tricia Fox, and Nate McCoy on receiving annual staff recognition awards in customer service, leadership, and teamwork at Methodist College.

Customer Service Award

Joel Shoemaker, Associate Director of Library Services

"Joel is always available to help anyone with any tasks. He takes the time to help students and staff, even if it's not a library-related task."

"Joel is fun, light-hearted, and kind. He is considerate of others and works to make MC great for students, staff and faculty."

"Joel is always smiling, positive, upbeat and willing to help everyone!"

Leadership Award

Tricia Fox, Director of Operations

"Tricia does an excellent job at making sure members of our departments have their needs and wants met or at least addressed. We feel seen by Tricia as our leader."

"Tricia represents Methodist College's values extremely well. She embodies the mission at work every day and is incredibly motivating to work for. She is a positive force here!"

"She is a solid model for leadership as she does not expect from others what she is not willing to do herself, all while maintaining positivity and lifting up others."

Teamwork Award

Nate McCoy, Director of Institutional Research

"Nate is always working to improve the processes here are the college. He meets with all involved and comes prepared with a plan and a very thorough assessment about the process. He is always available to answer questions and is very responsive to faculty, staff, and students."

"Nate is well respected by his peers and is valued as a competent and exceptional team member."

"Nate creates a positive work environment with his quirky sense of humor, and his ability to not escalate situations. He provides facts and solutions, which is very refreshing."