Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee | Methodist College

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The purpose of this committee is to  provide education and resources so MC constituents can promote diversity, equity and inclusion within their own spheres of influence.

MC's Diversity Statement:  

Methodist College is an institution that embraces a diverse community committed to the equity of all dimensions and demographics. We strive to produce an environment of safety, comfort, respect, and civility to promote personal and professional growth, as well as cultural awareness.


SAFE ZONE training is offered annually.

In an effort to provide support to LGBTQ students (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and questioning), the Diversity Committee (a sub-committee of the Campus of Care initiative) has started a Safe Zone project. The Safe Zone symbol is a rainbow triangle that, when displayed on office doors, identifies a safe space where LGBTQ students can trust they are accepted and supported and discrimination is not tolerated.

       For LGBTQ resources, click here!



Diversity Committee Members include the following:

Andre Allen, Chair and Lead Contact

Olanna Pullen

Colleen Karn

Michelle Nielsen-Ott

Dr. Eileen Setti

Danielle McCoy

Dr. Candace Florence

Kendra Moultrie-Belk

Dr. Pam Ferguson

Dr. Blanca Miller

Melissa Williams

Melissa Earnest

Jenny Evans

Amber Schmidt

Tricia Fox