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Gerontology Certificate FAQs

Following are some frequently asked questions about the Gerontology Certificate program. If you do not find an answer to your question, please call 309-672-5513.

Who is entering this program?

The Gerontology Certificate program is geared toward those looking to strengthen their marketability and job performance. While designed for those whose goal is a credential in gerontology, it can be used as a perfect complement to such fields as occupational therapy, physical therapy, health care management, and public health and planning.

Who will benefit from this program?

Virtually anyone coming in contact with the aging or soon-to-be aging population will benefit from this certificate program. The aging population is growing at a tremendous rate and the need for specialized knowledge in all areas of business and life will become increasingly important.

How long will the program take to complete?

The program is designed for two semesters. Each semester consists of 7 credit hours, totaling 14 credit hours for the entire program.

What job opportunities are available to me as a result of completing the Gerontology Certificate program?

Your certificate will indicate to prospective employers your additional training and level of expertise in the wellness of the aging population.

What is the application process?

Prior to the application deadline, submit your application online, remit the application fee, and send your official transcripts for all coursework completed. Applications will be reviewed around the deadline date and letters of notification are traditionally sent about a month after the deadline has passed.

When and where will classes be held?

Classes are held on the Methodist College campus. Classes are held throughout the week, mostly during evenings, to accommodate a working professional’s schedule.