Medical Assistant Curriculum

Approved Curriculum

The Medical Assistant program is a pathway to baccalaureate programs including the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS), or the Bachelor in Social Work (BSW). If students choose to pursue a baccalaureate degree, some credits may transfer from the Medical Assistant program such as: BIO101, BIO102, ENG101, PSY101, ACT101/MAT101, HS200, and BH200. (These courses require a final grade of C or higher to be able to earn credit the baccalaureate programs listed above.) Please review the curriculum of the specific baccalaureate degree program to determine what courses in the Medical Assisting program can transfer.

Required courses for the Medical Assistant program include:

HS100 Medical Terminology
BIO101 Anatomy & Physiology I*
BIO102 Anatomy & Physiology II*
ACT101 Financial Accounting and Health Care 
OR MAT101 Concepts of Math
PSY101 Psychological Inquiry & Applications*
ENG101 College Composition*
HS200 Introduction to Informatics for
Healthcare Professionals*
BH200 Holistic Healthcare
MA121 The Medical Assistant as a Professional
MA110 Foundations of Medical Assisting
MA150 Foundations of Clinical and
Lab Procedures in Medical Assisting I
MA190 Foundations of Clinical and
Lab Procedures in Medical Assisting II
MA200 Administrative Medical Assisting
MA210 Procedural and Diagnostic Coding
and Reimbursement in Medical Assisting
MA240 Medical Assisting Practicum

*These courses can transfer to a baccalaureate program with a grade of "C" of better.