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Master of Science in Nursing - Nurse Leader Executive

The Master of Science in Nursing - Nurse Leader Executive will educate bachelor degree prepared nurses to perform as a leader or manager with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to function in a variety of healthcare organizations.

Graduates of the program will:

  • Develop a comprehensive leadership and management skill base using current organizational and business models to perform analysis of the healthcare environment.
  • Develop and facilitate interdisciplinary teams using effective group dynamics to coordinate, foster, and evaluate safe patient care.
  • Utilize the process of scientific inquiry, evidence-based research, and information technology to validate and refine knowledge relevant to organizational leadership and management.
  • Analyze trends in healthcare and organizational functions and their impact on the profession of nursing, nursing leadership, and the delivery of patient care.
  • Investigate the psychosocial aspects of nursing leadership in relations to mentoring and coaching healthcare providers

To complete a Master of Science in Nursing-Nurse Leader Executive degree the student completes 21 credits of foundational courses and an additional 14 credits of nurse educator courses to complete the 35 credit master's degree.

 MSN Foundational Courses MSN Nurse Leader Executive
N5303 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing 3cr N6433 Financial Management for the Nurse Executive 3cr
N6302 Informatics in Nursing Practice and Nurse Education 2cr N5353 Human Resources 3cr
N6303 Roles, Issues, and Public Health Policy 3cr N5304 Performance Improvement 4cr
N6313 Leading Change in Healthcare and Healthcare Education 3cr N6423 Strategic Planning 3cr
N6323 Scientific Inquiry I 3cr N6301 Professional Dimensions of the Advanced Generalist Professional 1cr
N6333 Scientific Inquiry II 3cr    
N6343 Internship for Graduate Nurse Professional 3cr    
Total Credits = 20 credits
Total Credits = 14 credits
Total credits for Master of Science in Nursing - Nurse Leader Executive = 34 credit hours 


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