Nursing Program Philosophy

Professional nursing recognizes and addresses the health care needs of society and its individuals. It encompasses a humanistic orientation and a dedication to basic ethical principles. Professional nursing practice is operationalized through assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, and outcome evaluation with the goal of promoting the health of individuals, families, and communities. The Methodist College faculty prepare nurses to practice professionally through fulfilling the mission of the college.

An expert faculty with varied areas of clinical and scholarly expertise is required to carry out the educational mission of Methodist College. Faculty members are committed to designing and implementing curricula in which students develop critical thinking, clinical decision-making, and professional nursing values in an increasingly complex health care system. Professional nursing practice requires the application of knowledge from general education coursework and nursing science. The undergraduate curriculum prepares graduates for entry-level professional practice in a broad range of health care settings.

We are committed to preparing our graduates to function in leadership roles and to address the political, ethical, economic, and policy issues that affect the design and delivery of health care in the community, the state, the nation, and the world. In addition, we believe faculty members must work in partnership with students to facilitate achievement of educational goals.

The faculty is accountable to the students served and is responsible for creating an environment that promotes free inquiry and sensitivity to diversity. Students have a responsibility to be actively involved in the education process; to identify their learning goals, needs, and styles; to become knowledgeable and skilled; to question and to propose new ideas; and to use faculty and college resources to further their own learning.

Learning is a lifelong and continuous process. The faculty members support creativity, the assimilation of new ideas, and the application of new knowledge. We promote the use of emerging technologies to develop and maintain required skills and facilitate an understanding of the changing environments in which nursing services are delivered. Advances in information technology are incorporated into the educational program to enhance learning and program accessibility.

In order to fulfill the scholarship mission of Methodist College, there is a commitment to the development of nursing as an academic discipline through scholarly activities that advance the science of nursing. The dual aims of nursing research are to further the health of the public and to improve the care of individuals across the lifespan. Nursing research focuses on: (1) the role of nursing care in the promotion of health and well-being; (2) the prevention of disease; (3) the care of the sick at the level of the individual, family, and community; (4) the effectiveness of specific interventions for targeted health outcomes; and (5) the organizational and environmental factors that influence effectiveness of health care delivery.

In the commitment to the science of nursing, the reciprocal relationship between theory and research in knowledge development is acknowledged. Both naturalistic and controlled approaches to inquiry are valued; there is support for basic and clinical research, encouragement of interdisciplinary and collaborative research efforts, and promotion, translation, and dissemination of research findings into practice.

The faculty is committed to involvement in a wide range of service activities. The service mission of Methodist College requires that faculty members serve as role models for collaborative nursing practice and community service. Faculty members also provide services that contribute to the operations and vitality of Methodist College and the profession.

The faculty believes that the knowledge, skills, and values of students and practitioners have a fundamental impact on health care. Thus, the faculty of Methodist College is committed to high standards of excellence in education, scholarship, and service.