Service Learning and Volunteerism | Methodist College

Service Learning

The Mission of Methodist College is to "provide quality educational programs that promote the holistic development of a diverse student population to become healthcare professionals. The college is also committed to civic engagement, community service and to meeting the healthcare needs of the diverse population it serves."

In a commitment to its mission, Methodist College has integrated Service Learning as a component of our students' educational experience.

Service Learning is a "teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities." (National Service-Learning Clearinghouse)

Methodist College has instituted Service Learning as a graduation requirement. Service Learning will be integrated in required courses in a student's major or in general education courses, and will not add additional courses to a student's degree plan. The experiences will be a practical application of the student's learning and will be related to the outcomes of the course.

Why Service Learning?

Research* has shown that Service Learning has the following outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of community needs
  • Enhancement of classroom learning
  • Increased ability to work with diverse populations
  • A feeling of being valued
  • Real-life application of course content
  • Increased empathy
  • Improved leadership skills and interest in social justice
  • Development of a sense of professional and civic responsibility
  • Critical thinking development
*Service-Learning in Baccalaureate Nursing Education: A Literature Review, Murray, 2013

Methodist College Service Learning Requirements:*

  • Complete a minimum of four service learning courses. Three of these courses will be required courses in the student's major. The fourth course may be selected from designated service learning courses in the major, a general education course, or another course for which the student is eligible to enroll. (Approved courses have an SL designation.) 
*For students entering Methodist College Fall 2017 and beyond.