Student Ambassadors

About the Program

The Student Ambassador program at Methodist College is a group of exceptional students who are identified to represent the College in various capacities. Ambassadors inspire prospective students and promote Methodist College, working as an asset to the Recruitment Office. Ambassadors serve as a front-line contact with prospective students and their families by participating in college events, conducting tours, answering emails, acclimating students at orientation, assisting with graduation, interacting with faculty and staff and also attending high school and college visits.

At Methodist College, we have found that engagement with Student Ambassadors creates a connection to a prospective student and can provide them with insight that only an "insider" can describe. Methodist College Student Ambassadors are a great example of the student leaders we have on campus. Student Ambassadors are dedicated to student success, demonstrating respect, teamwork, integrity and professional behavior. Ambassadors enjoy working with people and are excited about sharing their experiences at Methodist College with others.

The purpose of this scholarship and program is to establish a group of Student Ambassadors who will serve as the face of Methodist College. This program is meant to attract students who will carry out the mission, vision and values our College.  The Student Ambassadors will report directly to the Director of Student Recruitment, Mr. Kyle Bright. A selection committee, led by the Director of Student Recruitment and composed of representatives from the Recruitment and Admissions departments will select the students based on pre-determined criteria. 

Student Ambassador Criteria

(1) At least a 3.0/4.0 cumulative grade point average for new and existing students
(2) A written essay describing how the student can help Methodist College achieve its mission and vision
(3) A panel interview with the selection committee
(4) Demonstration of exemplary soft skills with the ability to communicate effectively with prospective students, new students, existing students, faculty, staff and community stakeholders and guests of Methodist College.

Students who serve as Student Ambassadors will receive a scholarship of $500 each semester (as long as they are asked to continue in the role), along with valuable leadership, administrative, and networking experiences.


We are now accepting applications for Student Ambassadors for the 2018-2019 academic year