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Work-Study Program

The Federal Work-Study Program was created to stimulate and promote part-time employment for students who have a financial need and who need earnings to pursue a college education. It is intended to provide worthwhile job opportunities for qualified students.

To participate, the student must be a financial aid recipient with Federal Work-Study (Work-Study) award eligibility. The work-study award contributes more than financial assistance to the student's college education. It offers a double bonus*education plus job experience. In increasingly competitive job markets, employers seek applicants who have employment as well as academic experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Federal Work-Study Funded?

Federal work-study is a cooperative program administered by Methodist College whereby the federal government pays a portion of the student's wages.

What lf the Student Already Has a Job?

If the student is currently employed on-campus and is work-study eligible, the position will beshifted to a work-study position. The shift to a work-study position should be "invisible" to the student. lf the student has a job outside of a student worker position, the student is allowed to keep it and apply for an on-campus work study position.

What Types of Work-Study Jobs Might Become Available?

Work-study jobs are available in various campus departments including the Library, Sims Center and LRC, Information Technology, administrative offices and for recruiting, marketing and alumni relations, etc.

Are Community Service Jobs Available?

Students employed through the work-study program have the opportunity to work in positions which are designated by Methodist College as community service positions. Community service employers provide services designed to improve the quality of life for community residents, particularly low income individuals. Most of these positions will be for employers who are located off-campus.

May the student Hold two work-study Jobs At The same Time?

The student may not hold two work-study jobs simultaneously, unless approved by the Director of Finance/IT or Director of Human Resources.

Can the Student Change Work-Study Jobs?

The student may apply through a transfer to a new work study position if it is available.

How Is the Work Schedule Arranged?

Most employers try to coordinate the work schedule with the student's academic schedule. The student may not be paid for more than 15 hours per week with work-study funds, unless approval through Director of Finance/lT or Director of Human Resources.

How Does the Student Apply for a Work-Study Job?

The student must first complete the Methodist College application on the web site, Upon completion of that application the student's eligibility will be checked by the financial aid office. Qualified applicants might be interviewed by the department with the work study position. References are then checked. lf selected for a position, a job offer will be extended to the student. Employment is contingent upon successful completion of all components of the pre-employment process.

Can the Student Keep Their Work-Study Job at the Completion of the Semester?

Each student will be reviewed for their performance for the semester. Upon a successful review, students will be given the option to retain their position for the following semester (if applicable) provided they are eligible for FWS funds and the needs are still there, if the student chooses to seek a different FWS job they will need to fill out the Methodist college transfer form and participate in the semester interview process.

Will the Student Be Considered a Methodist Employee if Offered a Federal Work Study Position?

Yes. While the student is holding a work-study position they will be considered a Methodist employee. Adherence to the Methodist employee guidelines, including a tobacco free workplace, is required.

What Happens to the Students Employment Status if There are No Positions Available for them for the Semester?

The student will remain an employee until the next semester. lf they do not have a position at that time, they will no longer be an employee of the College.

How Much Money Can the Student Earn?

The work-study award listed on the students financial aid notice represents the maximum amount the student may earn through the work-study program over the course of the academic year (employer and work-study contributions combined).

How Will the Employee Be paid?

Students will be paid every other Friday on the same pay schedule as Methodist employees. Does the student Have to Pay Taxes on work-study Earnings? Yes. However, students are exempt from FICA (Social Security Jnd Medicare). lf the student also works at Methodist, all taxes apply.

Does the student Earn Vacation or other Extra Benefits?

No. This job does not receive benefits, except the 401(k).

How Many Credits Must the student Maintain to Keep Their Award?

To be eligible for work-study, students must maintain 6 credit hours per semester. A reduction in course load or withdrawal from school affects the amount of the work-study award.

How Long ls the Student Work-Study Valid?

Work-study awards for students can be used between July 1 and June 30. Unearned work-study is forfeited on June 30 and may not be transferred to the next fiscal year.How Long After Graduation Gan the Student Continue to Work Under the Work-Study Program? The program is intended for current students. The maximum time to work after graduation is two weeks, except through an administrative exception by the Director of Finance/IT or Director of Human Resources.

What are the Student Responsibilities as a Work-Study Employee?

  • Take the job seriously. The experience gained in a work-study position can be invaluable.
  • Report to work promptly.
  • Notify the supervisor as soon as possible if you will be late or unable to work.
  • Do not conduct personal business on the job.
  • Consider the employer's needs as well as your own when requesting time off.
  • Dress appropriately for the work location
  • Clock in and out each day of work.
Remember: Students are required to report any increase in non-work-study earnings or other resources to the Financial Aid Office.