Methodist College is committed to providing educational programs that prepare students to be competent healthcare practitioners.  Our faculty are committed to ensuring students learn, experience and serve, and are able to enter the workforce as well-education, compassionate professionals.  

Just as healthcare professions have changed over the years, Methodist College also has evolved  and grown to become the largest nursing and health science college in Downstate Illinois. To better prepare students to work in rapidly changing work environments, four Academic departments have developed.

Dr. Deborah Garrison, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

Division of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Eileen Setti, Interim Associate Provost | Dean of Arts and Sciences

The Department of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to providing educational programs and support services which prepare students to be competent healthcare practitioners, responsible leaders and productive citizens in a democratic society. This is accomplished within a culture of excellence that emphasizes and supports student engagement in and responsibility for learning and faculty commitment to excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. The general educational environment recognizes the diverse needs of students and promotes the holistic development of each student. An important element of this mission is to prepare students for life-long learning, advanced studies and employment in a complex, diverse and rapidly changing world-that only a robust program in arts and sciences can provide. 

Division of Nursing and Health Professions

Dr. Pam Ferguson, Associate Provost | Dean of Nursing and Health Professions

Dr. Deb Stark, Associate Dean of Nursing

Methodist College prepares the baccalaureate graduate to practice as a professional nurse generalist, independently and collaboratively with other health professionals, in order to promote health, prevent disease, and to attain, maintain, or restore wellness. The comprehensive education program serves as a foundation for both holistic nursing practice and life-long learning. Members of MC are guided by the values that enhance nursing care and nursing practice: Social justice, inquiry, human dignity, and integrity. The philosophy guides faculty and nursing students in beliefs about major concepts in nursing and nursing education, the complexity of the healthcare environment, and the influence of external and internal systems on human functioning. The conceptual basis of the philosophy is further defined to provide clarity and to promote understanding as a cognitive model for educating professional nurses in the 21st century.

Department of Health Science

Dr. Terence Hodges, Chair | Health Science

The purpose of the Health Science department is to prepare students to become leaders and managers in a healthcare organization.  Students can choose from two options in the Healthcare Administration program, a traditional four-year degree or a completion program for individuals with an earned associate degree in allied health or 30 credit hours in healthcare courses. All health science degree programs are built upon a foundation of Arts and Sciences, including the physical and life sciences, humanities, arts, social sciences, English, communication and mathematics. As students progress through their majors of study, they build upon the solid foundation provided by the arts and sciences core courses and expand their knowledge, skills, and attitudes through analysis and application in their selected concentration of healthcare practice major.

Department of Social Work

Dr. Staci Wolfe, Chair | Social Work

The Department of Social Work educates students to work as social workers helping individuals or families overcome difficult challenges, improve their life circumstances, and impact societal change. The Methodist College incorporates classroom learning with practicum opportunities with a variety of organizations from hospitals to community and non-profit organizations. 

Department of Career Pathways and Continuing Education

Dr. Eileen Setti, Chair | Career Pathways and Continuing Education

The Department of Career Pathways and Continuing Education provides educational programming in healthcare and human services careers, continuing education units to a variety of professionals, and diverse learning opportunities to our community. Students receive the coursework and practical experience in Continuing Education programs in order to obtain certifications qualifying them for healthcare positions available in a variety of settings.  Methodist College is currently developing several certificates in the healthcare and human service fields.  The College currently offers three certificates: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) and a Certificate in Gerontology. The Nursing Assistant and Medical Assistant prepares students for entry-level positions.  Both programs offer exposure to the healthcare field which may lead to pursuing a baccalaureate degree in nursing or health sciences. Healthcare professionals who have attained a baccalaureate degree (or are currently pursuing a baccalaureate degree) can complete our Certificate in Gerontology to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes conducive to serving geriatric clients.