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Simulation Center and Clinical Practice Center

Methodist College's Simulation and Clinical Practice Centers provide students with hands-on learning opportunities through the use of technologically advanced simulation manikins. Simulation learning supports a clinical focus for students to learn in a controlled, safe environment imitating real-life situations of patient care. These two designated areas, located at the Methodist College campus are where students are introduced to, practice and are evaluated on new skills. Guided practice for all skills are scheduled and students can sign up for group-directed practice sessions. 

Methodist College strives to utilize the most current evidence-based nursing research across the curriculum. Simulation activities are integrated across the curriculum. An example of simulation activities is nursing care for a patient experiencing acute chest pain or receiving a blood transfusion. Students are challenged to assess the situation, gather all necessary information, prioritize nursing interventions, and self-evaluate their performance. Videotaped debrief sessions enhance self-reflection and allow students to assess how the nursing process was implemented. 

The following equipment is available on campus in the Simulation Center and Clinical Practice Center:

  • 3 High Fidelity manikins
  • 1 High Fidelity childbearing manikin and 1 High Fidelity infant manikin
  • 1 High Fidelity Pediatric manikin
  • 2 Moderate Fidelity pediatric manikins
  • 5 Moderate Fidelity adult manikins
  • 7 Low Fidelity manikins used for fundamental nursing education
  • 9 Task-training IV arms
  • 12 IV pumps
  • 3 Kangaroo Feeding pumps
  • 1 incubator
  • 1 Anatomage-3D anatomy table
  • 2 PCA pumps

Upcoming Central Illinois Simulation Summit

Join us on campus Friday, June 21 for the inaugural Central Illinois Simulation Summit! This groundbreaking conference is tailored for professionals and enthusiasts alike, aiming to elevate the standards of healthcare education through cutting-edge simulation technologies, methodologies, and collaborative learning.

This immersive experience is designed for simulation professionals, healthcare educators, leaders, nursing students, clinical educators, registered nurses, and health professional students. This year's theme is " Building A Strong Foundation For Simulation".

Register for the event or learn more here.