Academic Advising

The mission of the advising program at Methodist College is to empower students to become self-directed learners and decision makers who will develop and implement sound educational and career plans consistent with their personal values, goals and career aspirations in healthcare. Collaborative relationships between students, advisors and faculty mentors will assist students in the successful transition to college life and develop students' appreciation for the academic community to which they belong.

The Academic Advising Program is offered to all new and continuing students. The Academic Advising Program is administered by Academic Affairs under the direction of the Director of Academic Advising. The advising model approaches advising from the perspective of learning outcomes and educates students about their programs so that they are responsible for scheduling, progression monitoring, and graduation planning. Students are advised at new student orientation and at advising workshops held each spring and fall ahead of the registration period. Faculty serve as Advising Educators and each student is assigned an Advising Educator who participates in advising at the workshops and orientation. The Director of Academic Advising provides support to all students and to Advising Educators. As students progress in their education, faculty advisors provide career and content based advising support, while prescriptive advising support will be available through the Director of Academic Advising.

Ms. Karla Heussner
Director of Academic Advising
(309) 671-2910