Health Record Requirements | Methodist College - Peoria, IL

Health Records

Upon admission into Methodist College, all students are required to provide documentation of required health records for each program of study. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain updated records and/or renewals of immunizations, as well as CPR certification.

Failure to complete and provide documentation of the required health records will result in the immediate removal from all courses.

Health Records Required by the State of Illinois 

All newly admitted and re-admitted students to Methodist College are required to provide proof of immunity for tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella and meningitis.

Documentation of immunity must be completed and submitted by the first day of a student's incoming semester. If you are unsure of your semester's starting date, please consult the Methodist College academic calendar.

  • Measles, Mumps, & Rubella (MMR)- two doses
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap)- must be renewed every ten years
  • Meningococcal- for students born after 1995

*Students who are enrolled in strictly online programs or in programs solely involving study/practice outside of a classroom setting are exempt from these immunization requirements.

Program Specific Health Records Requirements for undergraduate and graduate programs are outlined in the Methodist College Catalog.

Health Records Compliance

It is each student's responsibility to verify they are compliant with the health record policy and up-to-date with all immunizations and clinical/internship requirements.

Before the beginning of each semester, students are required to turn in updated records for any expiring immunization or requirement that will occur within said semester.

  • Fall semesters: students who have health requirements expiring any time throughout the fall semester must submit updated records by August 1.
  • Spring semesters: students who have health requirements expiring any time throughout the spring semester must submit updated records by December 23.
  • Summer semesters: students who have health requirements expiring any time throughout the summer semester must submit updated records by May 1.

Failure to remain compliant with the health records policy will result in the following: registration hold, immediate removal from classes, and/or inability to attend clinical/internship. Students who are dropped from their courses will only be able to add classes up to the add/drop dates as stated in the Academic Calendar and only once they become compliant with all health records requirements.

Health Record Exemptions

Students can request an exemption from required immunization(s) or health record(s) for the
following reasons:

  • Exemption due to a medical condition
  • Exemption due to religious beliefs
  • Students requesting an exemption must obtain the Health Requirement Exemption Form
  • from the Records Clerk at the Student Services Window. Submitted forms will be reviewed and verified within two business days of receipt.

For medical exemptions: the form must be completed and submitted with documentation from a healthcare provider verifying the immunization(s) cannot be administered due to health reasons.

For religious exemptions: the form must be completed and submitted with a signed statement detailing the student's objection to the immunization(s) on religious grounds. The objection must set forth the specific religious belief that conflicts with the immunization(s). The religious objection may be personal and need not be directed by the tenets of an established religious organization. General philosophical or moral reluctance to allow immunizations will not provide a sufficient basis for an exemption.

Students who are granted an exemption must complete titers for the exempted immunization(s). If the titer reveals a non-immune result the student must either receive the vaccination or complete a declination form. If a non-immune, non-vaccinated student is exposed to a disease, the student is required to sit out of their clinical/internship for the duration of the disease's incubation period.

Complete information on Methodist College Health Records requirements are fully outlined in the Methodist College Catalog and Graduate Catalog.