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Laptop Requirements

Each student entering Methodist College is required to own a laptop. The reasons behind the policy are many; but just like textbooks, attendance in class, and appropriate study time, a laptop has been deemed to be critical to a student's success. Since Methodist College may offer computer checks to help ensure your laptop/notebook meets the minimum specifications, watch college communication resources for times and places.

Minimum Laptop Requirements

Please make sure all drivers on your laptop are up to date prior to any exam. Prior to updating any operating system (OS) be sure to verify that Examsoft has a software release supporting the new OS. Surface Pro, Surface Books, and Surface Laptop devices are supported (Non-pro Surface devices are NOT supported). No Chrome Books are supported.


Laptop/Notebook  Specifications
CPU Intel Core i5 or better
RAM 8GB or mroe preferred
Hard Drive Space 256 GB or greater
Display  11 inches or larger
Screen Resolution 1024x768 or higher
Wireless 802.11 g/n/ac
Internet Connection Off campus internet connection not below 8mbps
upload and download
Operating System Windows 10 is required
Mac OS X 10.13 or 10.14 is required
For Support Working USB, newer devices may require an adaptor
Adobe Reader Version 9, 11, or DC
MS Office 365 can be attained,  free of charge
through the college.  Please submit a student
IT support ticket for
directions on how to
acquire your free copy.
 Additional programs are also required:
Shockwave plug-in
Flash plug-in
Adobe Acrobat plug-in

While the Methodist College IT Department cannot provide direct technical support for student laptops, they can answer questions regarding laptop requirements or college technology resources (college email, college username or password issues, CAMS, D2L, Examsoft, or ATI).

If you need IT assistance please submit an IT ticket.  The Methodist College IT Department is staffed Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30pm.  Any requests submitted outside of these hours will be handled the next business day. 
Submit an IT ticket