Methodist College Students Give Kids Courage

On October 7, 2017, Methodist College students volunteered at Kourage Kids, a grief camp hosted by UnityPoint Hospice-Peoria. The camp was held at Camp Manitoumi in Lowpoint, Illinois.  Methodist students participated through their pediatrics clinical experience. The camp is offered to children who have lost a loved one, whether it was weeks, months, or years ago. The camp serves as a support system to help children with the grieving process.

The Methodist College students who participated stated that aside from the somber tone, the camp was just like any other kids’ camp and a lot of fun. For the children, the day consisted of face painting, hayrack rides, candle making, and golf. The day is meant to help children through the grief process, while having fun at camp. Methodist College students enjoyed the camp, as did the children. The college students supervised five to six children at one time. They took campers to various activities throughout the day and helped make arts and crafts. 

The camp provides trained grief counselors who guide the program, allowing children to share their experiences with peers. The children make new friends and help each other heal. At the end of the camp, kids wrote messages on a postcard, tied it to a balloon and released the balloon.

Methodist College students pictured from left to right: Nichole Catalan, Mackenzie Fuller, Lakin Kelly, Tony Hsu, Kassidy Etherton, and Brooke Elliott.