Methodist College Employees and Students Recognized with Team Awards

Every semester Methodist College staff and faculty select employees to receive Team Awards.  The nominations are submitted to recognize formal or informal groups of employees  -- and sometimes students -- who have gone above and beyond to demonstrate collaboration to achieve a common goal.

This semester the Campus Wellness Committee and the Nursing Graduate Committee received Team Awards.

Graduate Nursing Committee (pictured above)

The nomination form stated: The Graduate Nursing Team "Together" are the links of a chain which bind the past, present, and future success of the Methodist College MSN program. By many hands, the work has been done for the recent CCNE accreditation visit. And, the dialogues and evidence produced reflects the Team taking an ordinary approach in extraordinary ways! The proposed outcome of the CCNE visit gives testimony to solidarity of purpose among the faculty who are imprinting the MSN graduates, and the profession of nursing for the 21st Century.      

Members of the Graduate Nursing Team include: Dr. Pam Ferguson, Dr. Deb Stark, Dr. Teresa Schwindenhammer, Dr. Pam Di Vito-Thomas, Dr. Sylvia Link, and Sara Kimble

Campus Wellness Committee

The nomination form stated: The Campus Wellness committee is devoted to providing programming that supports wellness of all college constituents. During the academic year there is an "awareness campaign" practically every month, from suicide prevention, to alcohol awareness, to domestic violence prevention and sexual assault prevention. Every committee member jumps in and helps with every event, as well as being very creative in planning the events. This committee is a very well-oiled machine!

Members of the Campus Wellness Committee include: Cathy Jackson-Bruce, Deb Disney, Ashely Dorethy (student), Melissa Earnest, Eryn Jacobs (student), Angie McCollum, Linda Moore, Amy Smith, Lily Voelker (student), Melissa Williams and Andre Allen