Experience a Pandemic through Simulation

Experience the world in the wake of an epidemic outbreak. What happens to society? Are healthcare providers ready to handle such an outbreak?

In this year’s Peoria Reads! book Station Eleven a flu pandemic has destroyed civilization as we know it. The book follows a woman as she moves through an altered world with a small troupe of actors and musicians. It’s a world with no rules, as society begins to rebuild. Methodist College is a community partner of Peoria Reads!, forming our own Methodist College Reads! program. Through the community partnership, Methodist College is offering a unique experience to learn about such an outbreak and what would happen in today’s world. 

If an outbreak happened today are we ready? Learn about pandemics through our expert faculty, staff, and simulation center. The community event will begin with a discussion from a local professional on Peoria’s preparedness for an epidemic. Following the presentation, attendees will participate in an interactive lab to learn about the transmission of diseases. The main event is a live action simulation, similar to the pandemic in Station Eleven, of the progression of an epidemic outbreak in a hospital and its effect on the population and health care providers. The simulation will be enacted by nursing and social work students. This will lead to a discussion from a Methodist College faculty member who is an expert on epidemiology. The evening will wrap-up with a final “debriefing” discussion.

Join the simulation on Thursday, March 15 from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. at Methodist College. The event is free but registration to participate is limited. To register visit mcpandemicsimulation.eventbrite.com. Refreshments will be provided.

Throughout the semester faculty at Methodist College have been incorporating Station Eleven into assignments to promote an integrative learning environment. Among the many benefits of the program the campus community will engage in a common topic of dialogue, promote reading and shared goals, and will foster a culture of collaboration and community. 

Peoria Reads! is a community reading project presented by the Peoria Public Library with support from many community partners. Each year Peoria Reads! selects a book to facilitate a community discussion about the selection.