Warm Blankets for Warm Souls Receives Recognition

Methodist College was recently recognized by Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. The Phi Phi Chapter at Methodist College received recognition through the Showcase of Regional Excellence for their Warm Blanks for Warm Souls project. 

At Methodist College the Warm Blankets for Warm Souls is a joint project between the Student Government Association and the Phi Phi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau. Warm Blankets for Warm Souls is part of the philanthropic outreach for the Phi Phi Chapter. Each year the program asks the Methodist College community to donate items for baskets. Some classes create baskets and others donate individual items to be used in the baskets. Blankets and gifts are then purchased to distribute to a local nursing home or long-term care facility.

Phi Phi was selected for the award based upon the organization's philanthropic efforts throughout the year. Award recipients do not apply for the award, they are selected based on information sent to the organization’s annual report. The Phi Phi Chapter received the award for fulfilling the challenge by the Sigma Theta Tau president to serve locally, transform regionally, and lead globally. The challenge encompasses servant leadership, connectedness, transformation, and gratitude. The compassion for our local community is demonstrated throughout this project, from donations to distributing items in the community.