Celebrating our Veterans

The Methodist College Student Government Association hosted “Let’s TACO ‘Bout VETS” for Veteran’s Day event on Monday, November 12. The event brought together students, faculty, and staff to discuss the day and what it means to celebrate Veteran’s Day. A taco lunch was served to attendees, hence the name! Throughout the event a slideshow featured veterans from the Methodist College community and their loved ones. 

Student Speaker, John Dickerson, facilitated the conversation and answered questions about his service. Student Government Association President, Abby Donald, also shared her military experience with the group. Questions ranged from the decision to join the military to how the experience led to a career in nursing. John and Abby brought their military equipment and explained to attendees how each piece is used and the difference between their equipment. 

John served in the Army twice, once in the 1980s and again during the war in Afghanistan.  His service included infantry, Rangers, and special operations command. He served all over the world including Central America, Germany, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  John shared stories from his time in service. Some stories were humorous and others were serious, like showing the piece of shrapnel that hit him in the back. John and Abby discussed services available to veterans, such as medical care and services when returning home. John was able to share what it was like to return home after serving overseas. Since he served two different times, he was able to share both experiences and ways the military has changed over the years. Guests were able to share their experiences too, as they served at different times.

There were staff, faculty, student, and family member veterans in attendance (see group photo below). Two students brought their grandfathers, who are veterans. We appreciate family members attending and sharing their experiences throughout the event. Guests of our students discussed the draft for Vietnam and that they didn’t have nearly all the equipment of today. Since many of the attendees served at different times, they also compared food services – an important part of daily military life. 

The event was a great opportunity to recognize our veterans and learn more about their service. Thank you to all those in the Methodist College community who have served our country!

Group photo pictured from left to right: Abby Donald (student); James E. Smith, Jr. (front row – grandfather of student Dakota Onken); Sam Churchill (Assistant Director of Financial Aid); Richard Rogers and Ken Wolland (grandfathers of student Jenna Wolland), John Dickerson (student).