Methodist College Celebrates the Arts

The arts were on full display at Methodist College as part of the the spring 2019 Art Expo. The event highlighted two of the artists from the 2017 ArtPop Peoria campaign. Jewelry artist Merrell Hickey shared about her process to create her striking beaded tapestry pieces. Originally an interior designer, Hickey discovered a love of beads and left the world of architecture and design. One of Hickey's creations was selected for the 2017 ArtPop Peoria campaign, and now hangs in the hallway outside the administration offices at Methodist College. 

A Windy Day is a painted work by artist Jessica Peterson. The piece features brightly colored whimsical houses, bending to and fro against winds created by a tornado bearing down on them. Peterson shared how her love of art started when she was a young child, but she truly found her artistic voice through art classes in college. Peterson's mural hangs in the hallway that leads to the east side of the campus from the Student Commons. Her work has evolved from photographic and charcoal self portraits, to a collaboration of illustrating books with her author mother.

Both artists signed their murals, and also served as judges for an art competition featuring art created by students, faculty and staff.

Dakota Onken won first place in the student competition for her work, "What is Seen in Tears." Molli Fuller took second place and Erin Piper placed third.

The faculty/staff winner was Colleen Karn, assistant professor of English and Humanities for her work, "Scrabbled Egg."

The evening also included an opportunity for attendees to paint a canvas, led by Methodist College Medical Assistant instructor, Courtney Gehrig.

ArtPop Peoria is an initiative of ArtsPartners of Central Illinois that promotes local artists’ work through available media space. National Founder Wendy L. Hickey launched the first official ArtPop program in January of 2014 in Charlotte, NC. Since then it has expanded to 10 cities across the country. ArtPartners brought ArtPop to Peoria in 2015, making Peoria the 3rd city in the country to offer this exciting promotional vehicle for local artists. This program is made possible by generous donations of space Adams Outdoor Advertising – Peoria. Work is juried, voted on and promoted in the market on available media space for the winning artists.