Testing Services

Testing Services supports student retention and success by providing examinations in a secure environment that facilitates academic success. By doing this, we support the institutional mission of Methodist College by promoting the intellectual and academic well-being of students through ADA accommodated testing, placement testing, and occasional course specific makeup testing, as well as certification and other exams for the community (such as Certified Nursing Assistant)

Testing Services is committed to promoting academic achievement through professional exam proctoring services, and meeting the strict requirements of federal ADA guidelines, testing providers (such as ATI), Methodist College faculty, and the specialized needs of students.

Testing Services is committed to maintaining the highest compliance with nationally recognized professional testing standards and practices, safeguarding confidentiality of student records, and creating an optimal testing environment.

ADA Accommodated Exams

ADA accommodated testing is available for students needing ADA accommodations. Students who fill out the appropriate paperwork with Danielle McCoy, the ADA Coordinator, will be allowed to have accommodations provided to them, such as a distraction-reduced environment, extended testing time, paper exam, and having an exam reader. In order to request ADA accommodations, the student must schedule an appointment for the exam by contacting Testing Services via phone (309-282-8452), email (Testing@methodistcol.edu), or by visiting the Testing Services Office (W182).

Makeup Testing

Makeup testing is available for students who have missed exams or need to retake exams, with approval from the instructor. If a student desires a makeup exam or needs to retake an exam, the student fills out the Makeup Exam Form. This form is also located on the Methodist College App and on the Student Center on D2L. Makeup testing is offered every week on Tuesday mornings from 8:30am until 11:30am and Friday afternoons from 1:00pm until 3:00pm.

Placement Testing

Placement testing is available to prospective students seeking admission into the College and newly admitted students seeking placement into (100-level) classes. If a student desires to take placement exams, the student fills out the Placement Exam Form. This form is also located on the Methodist College App. Placement testing is offered from 5:00pm until 7:00pm on the last Tuesday of each month.