Student Government Association | Methodist College - Peoria, IL

Issues & Resolutions Form

This form is to be used to submit any type of issue regarding the college to the Student Government Association. The SGA Faculty Advisor is the only person who sees your name (which you must include in order to for the SGA Faculty Advisor to respond to you). The issue is then forwarded to the administrators, staff, or faculty who can best resolve the issue. Each issue is given an Issues & Resolutions number, by which it will be referred when the SGA Faculty Advisor corresponds about or discusses the issue.

***NOTE: If your issue is in regards to "academic issues associated with course, classroom or clinical instruction during the course of the semester," then your issue is an "Academic Complaint." The Student Handbook states, "The student who has a complaint should first discuss the problem with the faculty member involved. If, following discussion with the faculty member, the student continues to believe that he or she has not been dealt with fairly, he or she may submit a written statement of the complaint to the the appropriate Dean." Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information regarding the proper procedures for this type of complaint.