Methodist College

Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador program at Methodist College is a group of exceptional students who are identified to represent the College in various capacities. Ambassadors inspire prospective students and promote Methodist College, working as an asset to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment. Ambassadors serve as a front-line contact with prospective students and their families by participating in college events, conducting tours, answering emails, acclimating students at orientation, assisting with graduation, interacting with faculty and staff and also attending high school and college visits.

At Methodist College, we have found that engagement with Student Ambassadors creates a connection to a prospective student and can provide them with insight that only an "insider" can describe. Methodist College Student Ambassadors are a great example of the student leaders we have on campus. Student Ambassadors are dedicated to student success, demonstrating respect, teamwork, integrity and professional behavior. Ambassadors enjoy working with people and are excited about sharing their experiences at Methodist College with others.

In order to apply for the position, students much submit an application and go through an extensive interview process before being selected for the program. The Office of Admissions and Recruitment then provides specific training for the Ambassadors in order to create consistent conversations and messaging about the College, all while working around the students schedule.

Through the program, students develop leadership and communication skills, enhance their personal resume, create meaningful connections with new students and gain a unique perspective of the College. Meet the outstanding Methodist College Student Ambassadors by emailing today!