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Student Billing

Billing Services Policy

Tuition and fees are due at the time of billing, unless alternative arrangements have been approved by the Methodist College Bursar. All charges and credits for each semester are consolidated into one account for each student.

  • Fall tuition is due on or before the first day of class.
  • Spring tuition is due on or before the first day of class.
  • Summer tuition is due on or before the first day of class.

If any of these dates occur on a holiday, the payment will be due on the following business day.

All correspondence regarding billing will be handled electronically. It is the responsibility of the students to regularly check their email and CAMS portal to ensure their balances are being paid.

How to read your billing information on the CAMS Ledger.

Summer 2020 Payment Guidelines

Below are the general expectations for payment of your Summer 2020 Tuition & Fees:

Billing fees will be assessed to students based on account status.  To avoid ALL Billing Fees (Late Fees), tuition must be covered IN FULL by the first day of classes, or have a Payment Plan in place.

Your tuition and fee charges can be covered by any combination of:

  • Personal payment
  • Financial Aid (Loans/Grants)
  • Scholarship
  • Workforce Development Career Voucher (such as Career Link, VA Benefits, etc.)

which is posted to or "Pending" on your CAMS account by the first day of your summer class, depending on which session you are attending:

Monday, May 28, 2020 for the 2-week Interim 

Friday, May 22, 2020 for the 8-week Summer Semester I

Monday, June 5, 2020 for the 8-week Summer Semester II

Any accounts NOT paid in full by July 5, 2020 (meaning, those accounts with an "Overall Balance" of greater than $1 after the first day of classes) will be assumed to be participating in a payment plan:

Overdue accounts:

Any accounts with an open balance after the 30th day of classes will be charged a $50 late fee. 

ADDITIONALLY, PLEASE NOTE:  Any student with an unpaid Summer 2020 may be dropped from their Fall 2020 classes at the discretion of the College. As such, please keep in contact with the Bursar's Office if you begin to experience unexpected financial difficulties or extenuating circumstances that would prevent you from paying in a timely manner.

Please see this helpful link for more information on how to review your CAMS account. 

Reading Your Ledger in CAMS (pdf)

If you need help calculating your payment obligations, please email for a copy of your statement along with an explanation of what you owe and when.

Printable Summer 2020 Payment Guidelines (PDF)

Nursing Assistant Program

Nursing Assistant Tuition Payment Schedule and Reimbursement Schedule (PDF)

Students who fail to pay when due will not be able to register for the next semester until the outstanding balance is paid in full. 

Pay online with CAMS (requires logging in)

For billing inquiries, please email the Office of the Bursar at