Community Based Primary Care Scholarship

The health of our communities is greatly impacted by successfully providing the right type care in the community setting. The money awarded through the HRSA grant 18-012 RNPC Training Program grant was designed to provide financial assistance to colleges to help enhance community based primary care education in nursing programs. Methodist College is developing a community based primary care certificate that is embedded in the nursing curriculum. A scholarship is being offered to students who are interested in completing this certificate, which requires two specific courses be completed during the summer terms. All awards are pending the continuation of grant funding. [Funded through HRSA (Health Resource and Service Administration) Grant UK1HP31727]

Applicants for this scholarship must have at least a 2.75 GPA (preference will be awarded to 3.0+ GPA's), be eligible to enroll in N232 Dimensions of Holistic Nursing for the spring 2019 semester, and remain a full-time student in good academic standing throughout the duration of the award.

Recipients are required to attend 90% of designated Learning Community Activities and enroll in PH300 (Epidemiology) for summer semester 2019 and also N393 (Community-Based Primary Care) for summer semester 2020. 

Eligible Costs

The scholarship provides for partial funds for tuition, fees, and malpractice insurance. A housing stipend is also available to those desiring to live in the Prairie Sky Apartments (for more information please read the scholarship description in the application portal)

How to Apply 

The Community Based Primary Care Scholarships are now available and accepting applications! The Application Deadline is October 31st for the Spring Semester.

Visit the scholarship application portal to apply.