Methodist College Phi Phi Chapter Inducts New Members

Sigma International Nursing Honor Society Phi Phi Chapter Inducts New Members

On Friday, April 20, the Sigma International Nursing Honor Society Phi Phi Chapter held an induction ceremony, preceded by the annual chapter business meeting.

Dr. Laurie Shanderson welcomed the inductees, family members and friends. There were 22 inductees present for the ceremony, three of whom were Methodist College’s own nursing faculty members: Breanna Allen, Ellen Boushell and Taylor Rogy.

The Phi Phi Chapter Board Members were introduced including, June West, President/Philanthropy chairman; Dr. Lori Wagner, Vice President; Dr. Theresa Schwindenhammer, Secretary; Sara Phillips, Treasurer; Shelley Riney, Counselor/Governance Chairman and Jacquie Kauffman, Leadership Succession Chairman.

Dr. Blanca Miller introduced the guest speaker, Ms. Vivianna Carter. Ms. Carter serves as the Sigma Region 5 Coordinator, representing the Illinois and Missouri chapters. Ms. Carter delivered an inspired message that resonated with the 34th Sigma President, Dr. Ken Zion’s Call to Action to “Be Bold” in three critical domains: economics, technology, and conservation. 

First, economics in healthcare was defined in terms of power, trust, value and fluency, all areas where nurses can make a difference. Next, members were charged with taking part in conversations about the development, adoption and implications of technology. Rather than be dominated, nurses can be empowered by technology! The third tenet of the call to action was conservation. Nurses learned a lot during the pandemic about doing more with less, or with nothing at all. Nurses have become experts in the conservation of resources, which includes advocating for the most desperate populations in our communities.

Ms. Carter closed by reviewing the many attributes and contributions that new chapter members can acquire, including participation in scholarly endeavors or the mentorship program sponsored by Sigma International. 

Congratulations to this year’s Phi Phi Inductees:

Allen, Breanna J.
Arriesgado, Ann Russell Rafael
Beaumont, Debra Lee
Bogle, Andrea
Bonsignore, Amy Surace
Boushell, Ellen C.
Breweur, Kevin
Cadena, Cindy
Carrington, Brianne Sue
Cash, Emily Elizabeth
Clark, Alicia
Contreras, Maria
Cook, Riley Christine
Corkhill, Emma Anne
Elysee, Ketura
Ernst, Michael Evan
Frison, Makalya
Frye, Katie
Gardner, Breanne Sue
Gass, Kibby Marie
Gloeckler, Brooke Ashley
Greer, Tara
Haines, Tiffany M.
Haley, Jamie
Harms, Nicole
Hansen, Amy Jo
Johnson, Priscilla
Jurick, Erica G
  Kupferschmid, Lanae C.
Lane, Chloe Anne

Lane, Hayley Kathleen
Madeira, Rebecca E

Mamer, Peyton Elise
Markword, Gracie Ann
Marlin, Sabrina
Meacher, Sarah Jean
Meredith, Kelsey
Moitoza, Andria
Nowlan, Payton Elise
O’Bannon, Arnissa F.
Oh, Inkyung
Orr, Amber Lynn
Patel, Sarah
Potts, Taylor Renee
Rettig, Marissa Christina
Rumbold, Grace Nicole
Schopp, Lindsey
Sturgis, Kylee Jaye
Taylor, Reilly Kay
Taylor, Rogy
Tat, Bang T
Tsan, Vanessa
Vigars, Katelyn Anne
Watson, Abbigail Ryan
Wigand, Brooke
Zillion, Briana

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