Methodist College | Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision, Values, and Institutional Goals


Methodist College is committed to providing quality educational programs that promote holistic development, civic engagement, and community service to a diverse student population of future healthcare and human services professionals. 


Methodist College will be the premier college of choice for excellence in Health Science and Human Service education within the Midwest.


Human Dignity: Unconditional respect for the inherent worth, uniqueness, and autonomy of individuals. 

Integrity: Displaying strong moral character and acting in accordance with accepted standards of behavior and an appropriate code of ethics.

Inquiry: An active process of exploration and investigation that leads to understanding and construction of knowledge throughout one's life.

Social Justice: Acting in accordance with fair treatment regardless of gender, economic status, race, religion, ethnicity, age, citizenship, disability, or sexual orientation. 

Institutional Goals

  • Create and support a positive, student-centered learning environment.
  • Provide quality instruction and programs.
  • Create quality student support services and programs.
  • Recruit and retain a diverse, qualified workforce.
  • Promote fiscal responsibility and accountability.
  • Provide adequate resources to support institutional mission.
  • Recruit and retain a qualified, diverse student body.
  • Develop collaborative relationships for the benefit of the community.

MC's Diversity Statement:  

Methodist College is an institution that embraces a diverse community committed to the equity of all dimensions and demographics. We strive to produce an environment of safety, comfort, respect, and civility to promote personal and professional growth, as well as cultural awareness.

UnityPoint Health FOCUS Values

Methodist College is affiliated with UnityPoint Health, and we seek to demonstrate the organization's FOCUS values:

F - Foster Unity
Use the skills and abilities of each person to enable great teams. Collaborate across departments, facilities, business units and regions. Seek to understand and are open to
diverse thoughts and perspectives.

O - Own the Moment
Connect with each person, treating them with courtesy, compassion, empathy and respect. Enthusiastically engage in our work. Be accountable for our individual actions and our team performance. Take responsibility for solving problems, regardless of origin.

C - Champion Excellence
Commit to the best outcomes and highest quality. Have a relentless focus on exceeding expectations. Believe in sharing our results, learning from our mistakes and celebrating our successes.

S - Seize Opportunities
Embrace and promote innovation and transformation. Create partnerships that improve care delivery in our communities. Have the courage to challenge the status quo.

UnityPoint Health - Central Illinois Region
Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Methodist College is proud to be part of an organization that supports diversity and inclusion.

"We believe to support diversity is to honor the ways in which people are unique as well as how they are similar. You can expect a welcoming environment that supports our organizational values and treats everyone with dignity and respect. Our inclusive environment will deliver better experiences, achieve superior results and create a strong and inspired workforce."