Methodist College Announces Winners of Summer Poetry Contest

Methodist College Announces Winners of Summer Poetry Contest

The winners of the Methodist College Summer Poetry Contest have been selected. The contest was sponsored by Methodist College's Center for Student Success and Library, and MBS Direct .

  • First place winner with a $100 prize is Keagan Weber
  • Second place winner with a $50 prize is Krysta Dilts
  • Third place winner with a $50 prize is Roshanda Purdle

Queen of Hearts by Keagan Weber

Dare I try to capture the personification of perfection in words,
A being that rivals the beauties of the modern and natural world?
Shall I attempt to describe the personality of this queen of light,
A nymph that flies between the borders of wonderland dreams and reality?
How could I possibly begin to capture the raw love she bestows the world,
Or the neverending passion and loyalty she exhibits in her kingdom of light?
Constantly caring, generously giving, lovingly loyal.
These are but a few meager words to describe her,
Paltry ways in which to capture my sun and stars.
She is a queen that appeared before me, gilded in gold,
Trapping the knight in shining armor’s damaged heart,
And urging it to heal within her loving embrace.
From the moment I set eyes on her gentle, kindly smile,
I knew that our fates were intertwined, for better or worse.
Her eyes won over my undying love and loyalty, for as long as she needs me,
And garnered my love and appreciation til the end of my days.
To protect and preserve her,
My lovely queen of hearts.

Conquering Life's Obstacles by Krysta Dilts

Come on “life”! Why do you have to keep trying to knock me down?
Don’t you know, I’m one of the toughest bitches around!
Keep on throwing me curves and blowing out my flame,
I’ll stand my ground and play your game.
You can’t stop me from reaching my goal,
all you do is slow my roll.
You better watch out “life”,
my future is looking bright!
I will never give up,
I will stand and fight!

Life Crisis by Roshanda Purdle

Yeah, you call me a lame and that’s fine with me 
cause while you’re out here turning up and running the streets,
i’m earning my degree.
I get pleasure out of knowing i’m taking care of my responsibility,
while the whole time knowing i’ve got four little ones that’s
depending on me to succeed.
I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but, 
nothing worth having is. 
Trying to make it through nursing school, 
take care of my kids and pay my bills.
Late nights stressing trying to figure out what i’m gone do.
Each day I wake up
 i’m starting it off with a positive attitude. 
I get tired of folks saying that just how life goes, 
But you’re not walking in my shoes so
I feel as though no one truly knows, but 
at the end of the day 
that’s how the story goes.
They say history just gone keep repeating itself 
but I’m determined to break the code and 
make a mold that’s unbreakable. 
Momma decided she was gone do what she was gone do and
before I was born daddy decided he was gone turn his back on me too.
All I know is that I gotta do what I gotta do 
to get my life on track, 
And to my four beautiful babies 
Just know you’ve gotta mother who will never turn her back on yawl
And that’s the story of my life,
Life crisis 
Anonymous student…… no matter what the odds are STRIVE!