Methodist College Professor and Student Collaborate on Book Review

Professor and Student Collaborate on Book Review

(left to right) Professor Marjorie Getz, Arts & Sciences Faculty and Jordan Orsini, senior, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

In 2020, the Journal of Women & Aging sent out a call for book reviews, suggesting reviewers work with a student on the submission. Methodist College Professor Marjorie Getz does editorial work for the journal and she invited  Methodist College senior Jordan Orsini to collaborate with her on the review.

Jordan Orsini is in the Bachelor of Science Nursing program at Methodist College. She is also pursuing a Community Based Primary Care certificate.  Jordan is quite accomplished within Methodist College; in addition to her fields of study, she has been recognized in the first cohort of PNC Presidential Scholarship recipients. Through the dedicated work on this project, Jordan Orsini and Marjorie Getz now have a co-authored review in Journal of Women & Aging. A special congratulations to Jordan, as it is quite an accomplishment to be a student featured as an author in peer-reviewed journal. 

Jordan and Professor Getz reviewed Couple Relationships in the Middle and Later Years: Their Nature, Complexity, and Role in Health and Illness. The book was edited by Jamila Bookwala, Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Psychology at Lafayette College. The review process and the pandemic coincided, thus changing their writing process. Professor Getz and Jordan emailed drafts back and forth throughout the semester and submitted the review in June. They received feedback from the journal in July and submitted changes in August. Jordan stayed on top of the process, checking for communication from the journal. They submitted the final changes to the journal earlier this year. 

The review begins with research statistics about relationships and aging and then dives into the book chapters, each with a different author. The review goes on to discuss how the book ties into a classroom setting for various undergraduate and graduate level programs.  

The Journal of Women & Aging is a quarterly peer-reviewed healthcare journal.  The journal focuses on health challenges facing women in their later years. The journal features scholarly and clinical articles from leaders in gerontology, nursing, mental health, and other healthcare fields of study.