Important Health Records Information for Students

Here at Methodist College your safety is of the utmost importance as you embark upon your educational journey. One of the ways we safeguard your well-being is through required immunizations and health records. Our health record policy is determined by the standards put in place by the State of Illinois, along with the immunization requirements outlined by our clinical/internship/field placement sites.

That being said, Methodist College is making three substantial changes to the current health records policy to more closely align with state regulations. These changes will go into effect for the Fall 2019 semester.

1. We are removing the requirement of a yearly 1-step tuberculin (TB) test. After reviewing the updated requirements of our various clinical/internship/field placement sites, it has been determined that the annual 1-step TB test is no longer necessary.

2. Students are no longer required to purchase their own malpractice insurance. The College has acquired a blanket malpractice insurance policy for all students. The cost of insurance is $10/semester and has been built into student fees. This insurance covers students in all programs in all types of external educational experiences, including service learning, clinical, internship, and field placement settings.

3. Standardized health record deadlines will be put in place for all students. Please see below for more information regarding these standardized deadlines.

Before the beginning of each semester, students are required to turn in updated records for any expiring immunization or requirement that will occur within said semester.

  • Fall semesters: students who have health requirements expiring ANYTIME throughout the fall semester must submit updated records by August 1.
  • Spring semesters: students who have health requirements expiring ANYTIME throughout the spring semester must submit updated records by December 23.
  • Summer semesters: students who have health requirements expiring ANYTIME throughout the summer semester must submit updated records by May 1.

Ms. Christy Cash, Student Services Receptionist and Health Records Clerk, has sent e-mail notifications to students with health records expiring in the fall semester. Any student who has a health record expiring sometime between August 1, 2019 and December 14, 2019 will be required to submit their updated record no later than August 1, 2019.

Failure to remain compliant with the updated health records policy will result in the following: a registration hold, immediate removal from classes, and/or inability to attend clinical/internship/field placement. Students will not be reinstated into their courses once the semester has started, even if they are brought into compliance with the health records policy.

We hope that these changes will not only simplify the health records process for students, but also bring Methodist College more in line with the requirements set by the State of Illinois.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please feel free to contact us at any time:

Christy Cash
Student Services Receptionist & Health Records Clerk
(309) 671-5185

Alissa Selburg
Director of Admissions
(309) 671-2913