Cathy Jackson Bruce Recognized with Daisy Faculty Award

Nursing faculty, Cathy Jackson-Bruce, MS, MSN, RN, was recently honored with the Daisy Faculty Award at Methodist College. The Daisy Faculty Award is a program of the national Daisy Foundation to "recognize and celebrate the contributions faculty make to the future of nursing."

In her nomination, Jackson-Bruce was recognized for "not only managing the role of informal care provider in her personal life, she has served as a role model for her colleagues as we navigate this time in our own lives when our parents need care.  To add to those important contributions, Cathy also teaches nursing students about the role of the informal family care giver in the classroom and at clinical sites.  She constantly reminds her students to be cognizant of the 'other patient in the room,' when assessing the older adult client." 

Students state that Jackson-Bruce tells them to "Look to the care provider. Always ask them how they are doing.”  

Another student stated, "“I had Cathy Jackson Bruce for N200 and N231. Her teaching still impacts me today in my nursing practice. Through her guidance, I was able to build confidence in my nursing assessment skills. She is always very personable and approachable to her students. Her passion for nursing is evident in the classroom as she brings her experiences to life through story telling. I am thankful that I had her as an instructor.”

The  nomination also highlighted her involvement in professional development at the college: 

"Cathy was a key member of the team that was involved in the development of the Onboarding Program for new faculty at the College.  She continued in this role and served on the FDE Ad Hoc Committee that reviewed and updated the onboarding process after several iterations. She also has served on the Advising Committee at the College and gave coherent presentations to new faculty as they learned this process."

"In addition, Cathy served as a faculty advisor to the Student Nurse Association on this campus.  Finally, she has been a willing volunteer lecturer to various nursing courses in our program including providing comprehensive lectures on recovery from sexual assault to all students enrolled in the Mental Health Nursing course and ATI review on sexual assault for students enrolled in N445.  Of interest, Cathy has received awards from the Center for the Prevention of Abuse (Partner in Peace) for her work in educating our students and others in the community about the seriousness of sexual assault."

Congratulations Cathy!