Congratulate the Spring 2023 Methodist College Graduates!

Congratulate the Spring 2023 Methodist College Graduates!

On Saturday, May 20, 2023, Methodist College held a commencement ceremony to celebrate the achievements of our Spring 2023 graduates.

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In this semester's ceremony, academic programs represented include the Master of Science in Nursing Prelicensure program, Bachelor of Social Work program, Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Prelicensure program, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing  - Second Degree program. Please join us in congratulating our Spring 2023 Methodist College graduates!

Master of Science in Nursing – Prelicensure

Sheeba Ali
Yvonne Burse
Farhana Irfan
Kelsey Meredith
Andria Moitoza
Najah Musa
Sarah Patel
Kanchana Perera
Hannah Rossi
Erin Rylander
Thu Ha Vo

Bachelor of Social Work

Heather Buttrum 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: 

Stephen Allen
Ann Arriesgado
Arika Banks
Samantha Bascombe
Amy Bonsignore
Madeline Bozik
Trystan Bramham
Madison Byers
Emily Cash
Hailey Clark
Kristin Collier
Amalia Combites
Riley Cook
Emma Corkill
Ketura Elysee
Elena Ercolino
Michael Ernst
Nicole Fitschen
Mary Fogerty*
Andrea Geers
Christine Golaszewski
Tara Greer
Amanda Griffin
Meghan Haley
Neha Haridas
Heidi Harrison
Brianna Hartley
Alexis Howell
Gaylord Kikati
Lanae Kupferschmid 
  Danielle Landers
Hayley Lane
Alexia Liogon
Rebecca Madeira
Peyton Mamer
Nelly Mangold
Samantha Maslana
Bryanne McBride
Sarah Meagher
Courtney Mehta
Arnissa O’Bannon
Jessica Obstein
Sydney Ossman
Latasha Patton
Katelyn Petersen
Marissa Rettig
Laniesa Robbins
Lindsey Schopp
Marcie Shannon*
Bang Tat
Reilly Taylor
Caroline Tolbert
Vanessa Tsan
Michelle Ulrich
Jonathan Vall
Nneka Whitener
LaMika Willis

*Students whose names are followed by an asterisk (*) previously earned a Certificate in Community-Based Primary Care.

Congratulations to our Methodist College graduates!

We thank the family and friends who have supported our graduates throughout their time at Methodist College.