Methodist College Summer Poetry Contest Winners

Methodist College Summer Poetry Contest Winners

The winners of this summer’s Methodist College Let Lit Rule Poetry Contest have been announced! This is the fourth summer poetry contest for students held in conjunction with the Center for Student Success (CSS), Methodist College Library, and MBS Direct. The first place poem was titled “Twenty-three” by Heather Morrow. The second place poem was “Stupice Tomato” by Erin Piper, and third place was “The Life of a Nurse” by Michelle Marchini. Congratulations to the winners! 

In addition to being selected as the winning poem the winners received a voucher from MBS to be used for textbooks this semester. The first place winner received a $100 voucher and the other winners received a $50 voucher. All vouchers were donated by MBS Direct.

The annual contest was developed as a way to keep students engaged with the campus community over the summer. The contest also shows students the importance of general education courses and provides them a creative outlet. A committee of judges comprised of faculty and staff review all submissions. The committee uses a blind judging process to judge work on creativity, originality of theme, and language quality. The Let Lit Rule Poetry Contest typically runs July 1 – August 1, so watch for details next summer to show off your creative side.

A special thank you to MBS Direct, a Methodist College book distributor partner, for providing vouchers to be used toward textbooks for the contest winners! 

The winning poems are on display in the Methodist College Library and copied below: 
1st place
by Heather Morrow 

She had a vision,
Of what her life was going to be,
All of the elemental tasks she would complete,
By the age of twenty-three.

She was creative, passionate, and driven.
Her dreams knew not of any limit,
For her hopes and aspirations,
Were her most cherished possessions.

There were lifetime achievements, 
In which she hoped to complete,
By a certain date and time.
Could she accomplish such feats?

She stalked through the valley of life,
With its various peaks and crevices,
Conquering several milestones,
While engaging in valuable life lessons.

She had loved and lost several times over,
Each touch of strife leaving its own hidden message,
The answers she seeks coming unbidden,
For life lessons act as seizable weapons. 

As times changed with the seasons,
So too did she.
It took time for her to realize,
She would not unravel life’s mysteries,
By the age of twenty-three.

2nd place
Stupice Tomato 
by Erin Piper

I start my life as a little seed.
All I need is sunlight and water.
Plant me in the ground, be sure to pull my weeds.
All I ask is, please do not falter.  

Cove visit me often, we can enjoy the fresh air.
Tell me about your day, I’m a great listener.
Prune my leaves so they are not too much to bare. 
Pluck my fresh fruits and add it to dinner.

After some time, the crisp fall air will come.
Our time together has come to an end.
Put me back into the earth, that is where I am from.
No need to worry, I will see you again my friend.

Harvest my seeds, sow them in the spring. 
A new tradition and so much joy this will bring.  

3rd place
The life of a nurse
by Michelle Marchini

Sleeping in sunlight
Empty stomach tired feet
I saved lives today