Meet Your New SGA Officers!

In the spring 2020 semester students at Methodist College elected new officers for the Student Government Association for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Trevor Bulington will serve as President. Trevor is from Bloomington and earned an associate degree at Heartland Community College. He then transferred to Methodist College to enroll in the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. “I love the small town and personal feel that Methodist College brings,” said Trevor. “I grew up in a smaller town and going to a college that makes you feel like they take a genuine interest in you makes the world of difference when it comes to attending a college.

Along with citing Nursing Instructor June West as his favorite faculty, Trevor stated that Dr. Blanca Miller, chair of the undergraduate nursing program has been a big help when “making sure all of her accelerated students had what they needed and were not running behind on anything.”

Trevor chose to get involved in the Student Government Association to make a difference at Methodist College. “I want to create an environment at Methodist College that makes students want to learn as well as have fun,” Trevor stated. “I am very open to suggestions for improvements from other students as I am an advocate for them as well, as I’m not here to make things better for me, but for everyone at Methodist.”

Megan Griffin will serve as Vice President of the Student Government Association. Megan is from Milan, Illinois

which sits at the intersection of the Mississippi and Rock rivers near the Quad Cities. Megan is also a community college graduate and came to Methodist College after earning an associate degree from Black Hawk College. She says she wanted to follow in the nursing footsteps of two of her cousins who are proud Methodist College alumni. The layout of the campus, especially the simulation labs and the technology, made an impression on Megan when she was making her college choice. 

“My favorite instructors are Shelley Riney and Amber Schmidt,” said Meghan. “I learned so much with Shelley Riney when she taught class, and also had an amazing clinical experience with her. Amber Schmidt’s teaching style positively impacted my MC experience by allowing me to critically think and apply it to my clinical experiences.”

Meghan also recognized Danielle McCoy, director of the OASIS as a staff person who has helped her “immensely” with her accommodations and is very willing to help.

“I chose SGA to help find a way to help the community and to be more involved with Methodist College,” said Megan. “My goal as the vice president is to help encourage people to be more active in the Student Government Association. SGA is important for the students because it allows them to have their voices heard and to address any comments or concerns they have.”

Rachel Hilton will serve as Secretary of SGA. A resident of East Peoria, Rachel started her college education at Western Illinois University where she ran track and completed her pre-requisites. She started the BSN Accelerated program at Methodist College in fall 2019 and is scheduled to graduate in spring 2021.

Rachel loves the CSS and is thankful for her tutor, Julie, who she met with every week. Gwen Huls-Fritz is her favorite instructor. “I have never worked in healthcare before, and I was terrified going on the floor for the first time,” said Rachel. “She made me feel comfortable and helped increase my confidence as a student nurse.”

Feeling a need to be more involved, Rachel decided to run for an officer position on the Student Government Association. “I’ve played sports my whole life, which allowed me to be more involved with my previous schools,” said Rachel. “It felt strange to me not to be involved in the school I was attending, so I was really happy when this opportunity came up.” She added, “I think student government is important because they can voice their concerns to us and we can advocate for our fellow students.”

This is the second year as an SGA officer for Mari Davis and she will serve as treasurer. A Peoria resident, Mari is the proud mother of three adult children and is the daughter of a Methodist College alum! Watching her mother work as a nurse, Mari knew that it was all she wanted to be, and that Methodist College would be where she pursued her education. But her journey to the college was a long one and she finally started her nursing education at the age of 45.

 “All my life I have doubted my abilities and ran from the thought of never being able to complete nursing,” said Mari. “There were always other excuses and other things that I ‘had’ to take care of. Two years ago, I ran out of those excuses and it was time to take a leap of faith and spread my wings. Now that I am two semesters from graduating, I am at a point where I have to pinch myself that I have done it!”

Mari cited nursing instructor Lisa Pitzer as a favorite nursing instructor who taught her students about compassion and caring for others “way beyond what it means to be a nurse.” CSS Nursing Coordinator Melissa Williams is one of Mari’s favorites at the college and she praised her, saying, “Melissa is one of a kind and has helped get through not only my classes by guiding me and helping me, but she is a rock in even emotional times.”

Mari got involved in student government because she wanted to represent the student body and the college in a positive way. “Student government is important for the students because it gives them a voice to be a part of the college in a positive way and be heard by the leadership at Methodist,” she added.

Congratulations to these four students and we look forward to their impactful year!