Methodist College Announces Revised Bachelor of Science in Nursing Cur

Methodist College Announces Revised Bachelor of Science in Nursing Curriculum

Methodist College is rolling out a new Bachelor of Science in Nursing curriculum that is streamlined and reflects alignment with changes in nursing education. The curriculum will be implemented in the spring 2022 semester and reduces the required number of credit hours from 122 to 120. The curriculum changes will impact the college’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing Prelicensure, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Prelicensure Accelerated, and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Second Degree.

The curriculum revision process was led by members of the college’s Nursing Curriculum Committee with assistance from Dr. Catherine Miller, a consultant with expertise in curriculum design and development. The Methodist College Board of Directors approved the curriculum change in late 2020.
Along with the reduction in credit hours, highlights of the curriculum revision include:

  • Collapsing three of the introductory nursing courses equal to six credits into one three-credit Introduction to Nursing course.
  •  Adding a two-credit Medical Terminology course
  • Adding a three-credit Nursing Human Growth and Development course
  • Adding a second Pathopharmacology course
  • Retirement of three courses and integrating that content across other courses in the curriculum
  • Reduction of the number of clinical semesters from five to four

“The diligent work of the committee has created a Bachelor of Science in Nursing curriculum that will prepare our students not only for future changes in the nursing licensure exam, but for the rapidly changing landscape of 21st century nursing practice,” said Dr. Pam Ferguson, Dean of Nursing at Methodist College.

Current students enrolled in the college’s bachelor’s degree nursing programs will have the opportunity to change to the new curriculum depending on how far along they are in their current curriculum. The Methodist College advising staff is working closely with those students as they enter the registration period for the summer and fall semesters.

New nursing students entering Methodist College in summer or fall 2021 will have the opportunity to take required general education or elective courses and be ready to start the new curriculum in the spring 2022 semester.

“We encourage all new students applying to Methodist College for the summer and fall semesters to get their high school and all college transcripts to our registrar’s office as soon as possible,” said Bobbi Biringer, the college’s Dean of Student Experience. “This not only will help expedite the application process, but once the student is accepted, will help our advising team best guide the student through the course registration process.” 

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