Winners of Methodist College Summer Poetry Contest Announced

Winners of Summer Poetry Contest Announced

Every summer Methodist College holds a student poetry contest, "Let LIT Rule." The event is sponsored by the Center for Student Success, the Library and MBS Direct, the college's textbook vendor partner.

Entries had to be original student work, students could submit one poem, and the work was judged on creativity, language, quality, and originality of theme.

The winners of the Summer 2019 contest are:

  • 1st Place - Julie Williams "Beautiful Boy" ($100 prize)
  • 2nd Place - Ashley McDonald "The Assembly Line" ($50 prize)
  • 3rd Place - Racheal Barnett "Midnight Serenade" ($50 prize)

Beautiful Boy by Julie Williams

Beautiful boy, where did you go?
What was the hemlock that poisoned you so?
What was the shade that cast out the light?
What took you away on that cold winter night?
Beautiful boy, where did you go?
Are you bathed in the light and a beautiful glow?
Are you resting in peace, is your soul running free?
Are the answers the ones that you hoped they would be?

Beautiful boy, you left us too soon.
Did you fly past the stars and orbit the moon? 
Did you dive in the ocean and swim in the deep?
Where did you go when you entered that sleep?
Beautiful boy, there’s less beauty here now.
Everything’s dull and darker, somehow.
Music seems flat, there’s no dancing in joy,
Since you left us that night, you beautiful boy.
Beautiful boy, wait for us in peace.
Someday we’ll join you when we are released, 
To orbit the moon and fly past the stars
Beautiful boy, we’ll be where you are.

The Assembly Line by Ashley McDonald


And in between
These distant goals
Forgotten dreams
The things we’ve seen
Are only ours
We pick them up
Like puzzle piece

Pieces I know
Know no abound 
Of love
Or hate
Fear no unknown
Frail innocence 
Children with hope
We pick them up 
Like puzzle piece

Pieces I hold
Wings soar beyond 
A comfort realm
Free falling feel
Our light will fade
The books conclude
They pick us up
Like puzzle piece

Midnight Serenade by Racheal Barnett

He had become desensitized to the pain.
It was a dull ache, a constant reminder,
but it didn't bother him.
He couldn't feel it anymore,
he couldn't feel anything anymore. 

He was a simple shadow, moving from day to day.
His silhouette was the only reminder that he was still here,
that he was still human. 
The pieces that remained of who he was didn't belong to him.
Nothing belonged to him anymore. 

The regret? The devastation that was left behind among the carnage?
He had to endure that pain, but it didn't belong to him.
Nothing did. 

What was left behind belonged to the ebony night sky,
the remnants of who he used to be scattered among the stars.