Fee Definitions

Application Fee

Covers the cost of establishing the applicant's file. This fee is non-refundable.

Intent Fee

Provides assurance of the prospective student's intent to enroll at Methodist College. This fee will be applied to the first tuition bill and is non-refundable.


Guarantees the student's enrollment in the program and courses of choice, and entitles the student to Methodist College services from the date of payment through the end of that enrollment period.

Refund Fee

Will be charged if a student states intent to become inactive at Methodist College. A refund of tuition and fees will be provided as outlined in the following document?

Methodist College Refund Schedule (PDF)

Technology Fee

Covers the use and support of educational technology.

Late Registration Fee

Covers the cost to register after course registration has closed. 

Transcript Fee

Covers the cost involved in the issuance of each transcript.

Late Payment Fee

The amount assessed when the unpaid balance is not received by the due date. 

Graduation Fee

Covers the graduation administrative costs (cap and gown expenses are not included) 

Laboratory Fee

Covers the cost of the disposable equipment and supplies used in laboratory classes, the Learning Resource Center, and the Simulation Center.

Student Development Fee

Covers the costs associated with providing certain student activities.

Testing Fee

Covers the use and support of educational technology.

Parking Fee

Covers the cost of maintaining  the parking lot. This fee is not prorated.

Payment Plan Deferment Fee

An option to pay all tuition and fees before the first day of the semester or to pay 50% of tuition and fees before the first day and the remaining balance in two equal monthly installments.

Miscellaneous Additional Fees

Paid to sources other than the College. (Prices will vary depending on supplier.)

  • Uniforms and Accessories: Uniforms, shoes, hose, stethoscopes, and other equipment. Cost varies.
  • Books and Supplies: Cost varies each semester.
  • Laptop: See "Minimum Laptop Computer Specifications" in this Handbook.
  • Malpractice/Liability Insurance: Required for nursing students and renewed annually.
  • Course Proficiency Fee: Amount student pays to take the written or performance examination to meet criteria for waiver of selected course(s).
  • Cap and Gown: The cost of cap and gown for graduation ceremony; paid in last semester only.
  • NCLEX-RN Application: The cost to apply to sit for the NCLEX-RN; paid in last semester only.