5 Things to Do Before Your First Day of Class at Methodist College

On August 12, you will be walking through the doors at Methodist College as a brand new student!  Whether you are bringing a swarm of butterflies in your stomach, or you woke up excited to start, here are five things you can do to bring your “A” game to the first day of classes.

  1. Bring your class schedule with you! This will not only tell you what day and time your classes meet, but also will show you the location. You can find your course schedule on the CAMS Student Portal under the My Schedule link on the left menu. Print a hard copy and have it in hand, or bookmark the portal on your laptop’s web browser. 

  2. Charge your laptop and pack that power cord in your book bag. Methodist College is a bring-your-own-device campus. You will want to make sure your laptop is in high performance mode. We have many places to charge your laptop on campus, but you don’t want it to die in your very first class! You will use your laptop for notetaking, accessing instructor notes, reading that all-important course syllabus, and in some courses – taking your exams on it. The Methodist College IT staff will be offering Laptop Check-up sessions during the first two weeks of class. The schedule of dates and times is posted on the monitors on campus.

  3. Purchase your required textbooks and course materials for your Methodist College courses before the first day of class.  The college has partnered with MBS for textbook and course materials. Go to the MBS website to input your courses and find out what books you need. You don’t want to get behind in the required reading for your courses! If you need other supplies, stop by the Campus Store to pick-up your scrubs, stethoscope or blood pressure cuff, or maybe you just need to purchase a forgotten pen or notebook, or some Methodist College swag.

  4. Remember all those presentations at new student orientation about the student support services at Methodist College? Walk around campus that first day and find out where they are located. The Library, Testing Center, Center for Student Success and the Advising Office are all there for one purpose – to help you be successful. Stop by and introduce yourself to the staff! 

  5. Be brave! Walk down the halls with confidence and a smile on your face. Say hello to your classroom neighbor and introduce yourself. When your instructor asks a question and you have the answer, raise your hand. Don’t be shy. That confidence will carry you through the easy days – and the hard days. You are embarking on an exciting new journey, and the best part is, you are not alone! Remember that presentation at orientation about partnerships? Your peers, and the Methodist College faculty and staff want you to be successful!