Pre-Requisites | Methodist College


What are they?

Prerequisites are courses that must be completed prior to enrolling in a class. They also can be conditions, such as enrollment in a specific program, that determine who is eligible to add a course.

What do I do?

If a course that you need to take has outstanding prerequisites, you will need to seek administrative approval to take the course. You will download an Administrative Approval form. Requests must be sought and obtained from one of the following people:
  • Dr. Miller, Dean of Nursing
  • Mr. Campbell, Social Work Program Director
  • Dr. Schappaugh, Medical Assisting Program Director, Health Sciences Program Director

They are not required to grant approval when making these requests.

What happens next?

Once the administrative approval form is received, they are reviewed for completeness and then processed no later than the first week of registration. Forms are completed in the order in which they are received on a space available basis.

We do our best to accommodate all of these requests, but sometimes we are unable to honor the request due to classroom size limitations.

I want to take a course in a different track

There are some courses that are restricted to students enrolled in a specific track of a degree program. Most often, this is seen with nursing programs, specifically the BSN: Prelicensure program and the BSN: Second Degree program.

In this case, BSN: Prelicensure students are not able to take BSN: Second Degree courses without administrative approval and vice versa.

With any course for which you are receiving a prerequisite error or cannot click the checkbox due to 'prereq,' please take a look at the course prerequisites in CAMS or the Catalog to determine if you need to request administrative approval.