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What Are the Section Prefixes?

Section prefixes are designed to provide the student with key information about special attributes a section has. They can have more than one prefix and when they do, those will be listed in alphabetical order. For example: PHL101 ADS1 means that this section of PHL101 is an asynchronous online course that meets a requirement of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion minor and is also fulfills one of the service learning requirements you need for graduation. This is a hypothetical example only.

Section Prefix Legend

A=Asynchronous Online
C=Second 8 Weeks
D=DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Minor Course)
F=First 8 Weeks
M=May Term
R=Summer 2 (All other departments/areas)
S=Service Learning
U=Summer 1 (MSN & 2nd Degree)
X=Special Term
Y=Synchronous Online

How to Register

  1. To register, you will go to your CAMS Student Portal using your Active Directory login.  (This is the login you use to get into your email and D2L.)
  2. When you're in the Portal, make sure that the term under your name indicates the term you plan to enroll in. For example, if you plan to enroll in spring 2022 courses, the term needs to indicate SP-22. If it says anything BUT that, click on the word 'change' and select the term you need from the dropdown menu.
  3. From here, use this Registration Guide to walk through the process of adding and dropping courses.

Some things to note

  • Your pop-up blockers must be off for CAMS to work.  If you get a notice that your 'Registration Session Has Been Cancelled,' go to your web browser settings and turn them off.
  • This tool can help you identify tips on how to turn off your specific browser's pop up blockers. You can also find step-by-step guides through a google search.