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Nursing Assistant Certificate


Nursing Assistant Application Checklist

Nursing Assistants work directly with patients in a variety of health care environments.  Nursing Assistants help dress and feed patients, keep bed linens fresh, aid in turning, walking or moving a patient into a wheelchair, take vitals, feed and work closely with other personnel to observe, report and document changes in the patient.  Nursing Assistants are true care givers who work in health clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care settings and hospice organizations.   

The close interaction with patients is very rewarding because the care the Nursing Assistant provides is so vital to every patient.  Some Nursing Assistants use their experience to build their careers in health care by becoming medical assistants, nurses, lab technicians, therapists or a number of other positions in the field.  Being a Nursing Assistant develops practical knowledge, hands-on experience and access to the health care system.  

Nursing Assistants are in high-demand in the Peoria area and are considered Critical Professions by the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council.  Local employers are actively recruiting Nursing Assistants for positions in a variety of health care settings.  Some of these employers offer tuition reimbursement for Nursing Assistants who want to continue pursuing their education in other health related fields.  

Methodist College offers a flexible Nursing Assistant program to cater to students and working adults.  It is certified through the Illinois Department of Public Health.  

To work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the State of Illinois, individuals must complete an approved nursing assistant course and then pass the State of Illinois Nurse Aide Exam. Students who successfuly complete the Methodist College Nursing Assistant course are eligible to sit for the certification exam.


Advantage of Our Program

  • Learn in our state-of-the-art Simulation and Clinical Practice centers
  • On-campus program focused on healthcare and human services
  • Side by side with nursing students and other healthcare providers
  • Clinical experiences in hospital settings

Admission Requirements

High school diploma or GED, or 16 years of age and a student in good standing with a high school GPA of 2.0, and:

1. 10th grade Reading level and 10th grade Math level. Any one of the following indicators will serve as validation:
  • Appropriate Accuplacer Reading score and Math score
  • An office TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) score from a certified institution (GED program, Career Link or similar) at or above 10th grade Reading and 10th grade Math
  • Successful completion score of an Accuplacer exam as designed and reviewed by Methodist College Arts and Sciences faculty
  • Current admission or enrollment in any Methodist College bachelor's degree program
  • Transfer level credit from another college (100 level or above)
  • Appropriate SAT Reading and Writing score, and Math score
2. Negative drug screen
3. Immunization records two weeks before program classes begin
4. Criminal Background Check with no disqualifying convictions, and
5. Proof of malpractice insurance

Nursing Assistant Tuition and Fees*

Tuition for the Nursing Assistant program is $900.00
Fees billable through your student account for the program total $90 and include:

  • $50 Technology Fee
  • $30 Parking Fee
  • $10 medical malpractice insurance

Total Tuition and Fees  paid to Methodist College: $990.00

Miscellaneous costs include:

  • $25 application fee (paid to the College prior to admission to the NA Program)
  • $45/$50 Fingerprinting-Background Check Fee (paid to vendor at the time of fingerprinting)
  • $35 CastleBranch Fee (paid directly to CastleBranch when setting up the online portal to upload required health records)
  •  State Certification Test Fee (Paid to State of Illinois Nurse Aide Exam provider)
  • $60 Methodist College scrubs (Methodist College Campus Store)
  • Supplies

*Subject to change without notice.

Nursing Assistant Program Tuition Payment Plan

Nursing Assistant Tuition Payment Schedule and Reimbursement Schedule (PDF)

Financial Assistance

While traditional financial aid is not available for students enrolled in the Nursing Assistant course, there are organizations that may provide financial assistance to eligible students for tuition or supplies and related expenses.

Jon Denzer Bear Hug Foundation


For additional information, contact the Methodist College Office of Financial Aid at

Information for Eligible Military Personnel

Some military personnel may be eligible to become a CNA via U.S. military training. Eligible personnel are those who have successfully completed a U.S. Military training program that includes the content of a nurse aide training program.

For more information on eligibility requirements and application information please visit the Illinois Nurse Aide Testing website.

For More Information

Please contact a Methodist College Recruitment Coordinator at or (309) 672-5513 for additional information on admission requirements. 

CNA Recertification

CNA Recertification is for individuals who have previously practiced as a CNA in the state of Illinois, but have not provided nursing or nursing related services for pay in 24 consecutive months, which results in the loss of certification. Please contact SIU CNA Program 

CNA Test Prep

Methodist College offers a CNA Test Prep course to give you the edge you need to be successful with the Nurse Assistant state certification exam. Our certified instructor will use the results of the first practice test to customize the instruction in class. Two practice tests (before and after instruction) will make you feel more at ease when you sit for the exam!

No upcoming courses scheduled. Please return here periodically for an updated schedule.

Ready to sit for the state exam? Methodist College is an approved provider of the Illinois Nurse Aide Test. Please visit the Testing Center page for upcoming exam dates.