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Post Master's Certificate

Methodist College offers one Post Master's Certificate option for professional nurses with an earned master's degree in nursing to further their education and advance their careers. The courses in this certificate are offered in an online format. 

Nurse Educator Post Master's Certificate

The purpose of the Nurse Educator program post-masters certificate is to prepare current nurses who have a master's degree in nursing to build a foundation of knowledge, skills, and attitudes to prepare them for future or enhance current roles as an educator. Nurse educators function as clinical educators in a variety of healthcare settings and as academic educators in a variety of higher and post-secondary educational settings. The nurse educator designs and implements educational programs for specific populations including patients, families, community groups, nursing students, technical students, and nurses who are specializing in clinical expertise.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing defines the nurse educator as a direct care role.

The program has completion requirements of 23 credit hours* ** ***

Nurse Educator Plan of Study

 Course Name

Credit Hours

 N5901 Advanced Health Assessment For the Nurse Educator*

N5902 Advanced Pathophysiology For the Nurse Educator*
N5903 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics For the Nurse Educator*
N6303 Roles, Issues, and Public Health Policy
N6302 Informatics in Nursing Practice 2
N6413 Curriculum Development and Instructional Design for the Nurse Educator 3
N6412 Assessment and Evaluation for the Nurse Educator 2
N6901 Professional Dimensions of the Nurse Educator 1
N6343 Internship for the Graduate Nurse Professional 3
Total Credit Hours 23

* This sequence represents the minimum credits to completion. Credits to completion will vary by student, depending on individual progress and credits transferred, if applicable.

**Progression in the certificate program is dependent upon course availability.

***The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) considers the Nurse Educator a direct care role. Advanced courses in the three P's (Advanced Health Assessment, Advanced Pathophysiology, and Advanced Pharmacology) may be completed at Methodist College or considered for transfer credits, if applicable. 

Printable Sample Plan of Study

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Post Master's Certificate program, applicants must:

  • Have an earned master's degree in nursing with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater from a regionally accredited institution with a nationally accredited graduate nursing program
  • Have a current RN license


For additional information, contact a Recruitment Coordinator at (309) 672-5513 or