Master of Science in Nursing - Generalist Option

Today's professional nurses continually seek opportunities to learn and grow in their career. Whether through continuing education programs or pursing advanced degrees, nurses must be prepared to respond to the ever-changing demands of today's healthcare environment.

The Methodist College Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree is a generalist degree that allows students the opportunity to select specific courses  to meet their educational and professional goals. Twenty-one (21) credits of foundational course work meet the core requirements of a master's degree in nursing as specified by The Essentials of Master's Education in Nursing of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Students  complete the foundational courses and then elect an additional fourteen (14) credits of nurse educator and/or nurse leader executive courses to complete the 35 credit master's degree. 

MSN Nurse Educator  Foundational Courses MSN Nurse Leader Executive
N510 Advanced Health Assessment 3cr N500 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing 3cr N642 Financial Management for the Nurse Executive 3cr
N530 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics 3cr N620 Technology in Nursing Practice 2cr N542 Human Resources 3cr
N520 Advanced Pathophysiology 3cr N600 Roles, Issues, and Public Health Policy 3cr N541 Performance Improvement 4cr
N640 Curriculum Development, Instructional Design,
and Assessment for the Nurse Educator
4cr N610 Leading Change in Healthcare 3cr N641 Strategic Planning  3cr
N650 Professional Dimensions of the Nurse Educator 1cr N630 Scientific Inquiry I 3cr N643 Nurse Leader Executive 1cr
    N635 Scientific Inquiry II 3cr    
    N695 Internship for Graduate Nurse Professional 4cr    
 Total Credits 14cr Total Credits 21cr Total Credits 14cr
Total credits for Masters of Science in Nursing = minimum of 35 credit hours for MSN, MSN Nurse Educator, MSN Nurse Leader Executive

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